2017 Sewing Projects ♥

I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions, I seldomly keep them up as life, uhh, finds a way to put it in Dr. Ian Malcolm’s words. So, besides wanting to start university, opening an etsy shop, travelling and reading about 60 books I have no resolutions and those things are more like pretty solid plans. However, I have a few sewing projects I would like to work on this year.

Most of these projects are bigger than my usual circle skirts. In general I want to step out of my fifties comfort zone and try some more short sixties stuff – I love my three minidresses I made in 2016/15, but I want more diversity. But this includes not only 60s things, but also cute 20s patterns and just altogether some cute new things that are out of my regular sewing routine – which, if I can afford it, might also lead to a Overlocker this year. So i guess whatever I earn with etsy will be put into the fabric and overlocker jar, maybe I’ll do a 40/60 split or something.

Also, I want to go thrift shopping more often and work with the things I find there – I mean, I do not buy that much clothing (usually tights and about every two/three months a shirt), but I want to reduce that further and especially when it comes to stores like H&M. Since my blog is already quite fashion/sewing orianted I might focus on sustainability a bit more on the blog as well. Like Annika Victoria or Eva.


So, finally, let’s the projects. I already finished two of them this week, they will appear in my January sewing wrap up of course.

  • a short red velvet dress with long sleeves
  • So, I wanted a dress like that since I saw Georgia perform Three Little Birds on The Voice UK and it was a picture in my sewing project book pre much from the start. However, I did not make one for two reasons, one, I did not really (want to) look/buy strechy velvet for whatever reason. But when I went fabric shopping I did that with a goal. And that was to find some cute red velvet, so I did find some and already made the dress it’s pretty cute – sexy in a way because it’s really tight and shows of my curves, but not too sexy for my personal taste with the long sleeves and pretty much no cleavage. Because, here is the things, I love a great pencil skirt/tight dress and I think it looks good on my body, yet I do not wear that style often. So 2017 will have a few more pencil skirts.

  • a babydoll
  • Doris Day is still a fashion icon for me even though I am not wearing many sixties housewife outfits at the moment, but I want to change that. So babydoll is mentioned here more than once – in different versions, but still. So, I wanted a regular babydoll made out of a cute cotton-ish fabric, probably a novelty print and when fabric shopping on Wednesday I did find a fabulous moth fabric that is weird and beautiful. The cut is cute and adds something new to my repertoire of patterns. (also I think the fabric would make for some cute etsy skirts)

  • a lace babydoll
  • That is another thing that is/was on the list forever. I want something really cute that is borderline to a nighty. I collected a lot of inspiration over time, but since I was not into sewing by hand until very recently (it’s so relaxing!), I did not dive into that any deeper. Also lace and chiffon is quite expensive if the quality is good. So, I’m still looking forward to make that, maybe in April or May when I can actually wear it outside, too.

  • a Mulan Dress
  • Mulan and Merida are my favourite Disney princesses simply for their amazing personalities and while I have sort of a Merida Dress (I can wear my Alice Dress as a Merida Dress), however I do not own anything Mulan inspired because I only recently realised her awesomeness. So, of course I do need a Mulan Dress, probably the blue one with a little bit of pink and white. I’m not sure if I can pull of a whole cosplay because my features are not very Asian – my eyes are turned upwards ever so slightly, but I could enhance that I guess. However I do not know if that would offend anyone and I really would not want that.

  • a Mulan babydoll
  • As mentioned above I really like Mulan and I think the colours of her blue dress are fantastic and I think they could be turned into a babydoll pretty easily.

  • a flower dress
  • I think I have to more specific, so I included a little reference (Chotronette). That was not the first time I saw something like that, but it’s a pretty good example. It’s avery special way of dress and so cute – whenever I see something like this I want it so much. But I mentioned the issue I have before, good chiffon/lace etc is pricey. And of course I want the silk flowers to look good. I want to go for a cream/peach/light pink/yellow, but who knows what I’ll find.

  • a flapper skirt
  • By now I only own one 20s style dress and tha is rather fancy (and also a light cream) so it’s not perfect for a stroll around town – maybe I will don it in spring with a cute parasol like Miss Fisher. Well, I want a cute flapper skirt in a bright colour never the less – with some cute fringes and just something to dance Charleston to – that wold have been a great resolution actually, finally learing a 20th century dance. Maybe that will come along nevertheless.

  • a Leia inspired 20s flapper dress
  • When I saw this pic, I knew I needed a 20s Leia dress, of course it’s just a white flapper dress and I actually already own a cream 20s dress, but it’s so different. So, yeah, that’s also a new piece to the 20s side of my wardrobe and gets me excited for summer (I love winter, but spring/summer fashion is totally up my alley at the moment). One of the things I realised recently is that my body is really versatile, being rather petite I can hide my curves pretty easily for a sixties or twenties line a.k.a. a stright/curveless silhouette, but I can accentuate them just as well, so I wanna work on these possibilities in 2017.

  • a Leia Cosplay
  • Leia was on my Cosplay list for a long time but after Carrie Fisher’s passing (drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra) I added that to the top of my list. I love Leia and I love white, so why wouldn’t I go for her outfit? That is the only cosplay I really want to make, preferrably for Munich Comic Con in May. And since it’s not that much of a special outfit, I think I can manage that.

  • a dress with dinosaurs at the bottom
  • I’m about 90% sure about what I want to go for in university and that is palaeontology – Ellie Sattler and Jurassic Park is the main inspiration for that to be honest, that’s what got me into it and it opened up a whole new world for me. After cosplaying Ellie and now also owning a cute raptor brooch I also want a cute 50s inspired dress with some dinosaurs at the hem – so basically a hand painted border print would be really nice. Though, I guess, I should train painting dinosaurs.

  • a bralette
  • Being slightly busty I do not wear bralettes very often, I only own one, but the are so cute. So that’s the only reason I need a bralette is the cuteness factor. I do not know what to add here, somehow I don’t have a story like I do for the previous projects.

  • a Cheshire Cat Cosplay
  • Last year I was Alice (in Wonderland) for wonderlondon, but this year I will also be the Cheshire Cat and therefore I will make a cosplay – however I’m still working on sketches, but I want something really edgy and interesting. I think you’ll see in February or March.

Obviously I want to make stuff for etsy, but most of that will be made from fabrics I buy for myself as well. And I really want to focus on the blog more, not only on keeping up with my blog reader, but also on making sewing posts – however I have to work on my lights, because I tend to work with bad (outdoor) light. Anyway, if you want any sort of sewing post – recreation of something I made/someone else made, tips, questions, just go ahead and tell me.


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