La La Land | Fangirl Friday

As a musical fanatic enthusiast I was really impatient waiting for this movie. Opposed to DC, Marvel or Star Wars movies most do not have premieres coupled to the US release. So usually we have to wait for about a month or three – even though I usually tend to watch them in English anyway. Well, in the last weeks all my US-american instagram friends were raving about the movie and I could not wait to finally watch it myself – which I did on opening night, yesterday.

And I was not disappointed, it might very well be my favourite movie of 2017 – I doubt many movies will hold up to the beauty that this movie was. Personally I was in tears from the first tone of music when they dance on their cars to the very last. The music alone was so wonderful and enjoyable – the movie probably saved Jazz just like that. Obviously, the songs are not jazz, but typical musical songs yet very special and I still hum them. Interestingly enough both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did sing themselves. While Ryan’s voice does not sound that beautifully (like Michael Bublé would) it matches the character and his love for jazz music. I have to add here that I never was a Ryan Gosling fangirl, I only enjoy his work casually and do not look out for his movies. But now after La La Land I’m head over heels for him, his acting was so brilliant and troughly enjoyable, I’m slightly obsessed with how good it (he) was. As was Emma Stone’s acting. It kind of showed me with how much bad/mediocre acting we keep up nowadays, but when her mimic was so extraordinary it really stood out and made me feel what Mia felt. Truly, the both of them have such an enormous acting capacity it is astonishing. Of course that really showed in the chemistry of Mia and Sebastian, it was really intense and felt real in a way. Which of course made me ship Mia and Sebastian, they are such a wonderful musical couple and have such a tender, true romance. Who doesn’t want something like that?
It’s not a subdued movie, still it manages not to be unbelieveable, it was such a dream like, musical atmosphere. La La Land is very emotional, happy and beautiful, perfect in a way. The whole movie really did remind me of all the musicals I love so much and why I love them. After all even though being set nowadays it did have some Vintage Vibes to it (Sebastian’s look and personality). For me it was kind of a Singing in the Rain/Jersey Boys cross over, but also very emotional like those old Hollywood movies (mind you, movies, not musicals) with Lauren Bacall and Bette Davis – speaking of which, Emma reminds me ever so much of Bette Davis with her big eyes and beautifully interesting face.
As someone who enjoys fashion a lot I was in love with the costume design and especially the colour coordination. As much as I love Novelty prints I also loved the concept of everyone (well, especially the girls) just wearing cute mainly A-line dresses in only one colour. It was so beautiful to see each dancer in another colour – compared to the subdued colours and the occasional red that are present in most movies nowadays. Especially Mia was interesting to me as she did e.g. with the yellow dress have blue shoes and a red purse with her – so it was not some tone-in-tone combination but an intense colourful experience. She also did usually match the season with the colours of her dresses (blue in winter, yellow and lilac in spring etc.) and I was just so amazed by that. It’s simple, but wonderful. I think they also portrayed Los Angeles beautifully, I mean, I’ve never been there, but it does appeal to me a lot after seeing the movie.
Of course, I did develope a crush on Sebastian, he was created so wonderfully from head to toe, from his hair to his love for jazz and Old Hollywood – which you can’t deny. He quotes James Dean – and when there is a James Dean reference how could I not fall for him (and the movie)? Rebel Without A Cause is one of my favourite movies and seeing that in the movie was pure perfection. Like the cherry on top everything else. Also, after seeing the tap dance scene I want to learn tap dancing – again. I always do after watching Singing in the Rain, too. And, last but not least, besides the amazingly written original songs for the movie they also included some 80s songs to make my happiness complete (also the scene with the girls “forcing” Mia to go out reminded me of Mamma Mia so damn much).

It has been quite some time since I saw a movie this perfect, emotional, beautiful and colourful I hope and think it will stick with me forever. It’s a wonderful mix of happy tears and tunes that will stay with you.


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