Looking Back on 2016 ♥

It took me quite a while to start writing this post – we are already a week into the new year (well, the current year now) by the time I write this post. It’s only a personal recap, so nothing political, I hope that’s okay with you. For me – as I said excluding anything political – 2016 was quite a good year, graduation, nice jobs and a new cat. Popculture wise I was keeping track of everything until about April. Yes, I know, I did a great job. From then on, I had to remember a lot of things when I started doing it again in August/September. So, let’s see what I remember.

Snow Pixie Outfit
In January we had to present our “P-Seminar”, meaning our projects in a certain subject, mine was art and I made a fashion project – what else? It was also the month of my birthday which eventually lead to getting my new, beloved, sewing machine, a Bernina 1008. As always, we went to Seefeld at the time, here area few pictures. I got into SciFi a lot, but also into DC. Harley Quinn and the first season of Gotham were a big part of january. As were Funkos, I got into those little figurines in 2015, but a few arrived/were ordered that month. By now, I have almost all of the ones I want. Also, by the end of the month I saw The Danish Girl, and I think it was the best movie I saw that year.
Handmade Update

Winter Outfit
February was great, pop culture wise, I started watching Hannibal and watched season one and two as well as a few Tarantino Movies – oh, how I love Kill Bill! But I also watched Pulp Fiction and I was instantly with Mia Wallace’s look, but then again, I really love Uma Thurman. Obviously, in the following months I continued watching Tarantino movies, and now I just have to watch Reservoir Dogs. I also saw Deadpool and the amazing Suffragette in February. Also, while listening to Melanie Martinez, I was adoring the Irregular Choice Alice Collection and got myself my favourite shoes ever! Following the theme of fabulous fashion I went to a great Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.
Handmade Update

Mad Tea Party
You know, how much I love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I first saw in in March this year – and then at least once or twice a month. Following Hannibal, I watched more Hugh Dancy movies (Hysteria, Ella Enchanted) and he really did become my favourite actor. Since I had to find a new show to watch I started Firefly and loved it, but whenever possible also watched Last Week Tonight – though only the episodes on YouTube as I do not have an HBO account. Being a big fan of Bill Murray I also had to watch Rock the Kasbah and I did quite like it – just as th musical Chicago my best friend and I saw in March. But, actually, the highlight of March was going to London once more. Not only for Disney Store reasons.
Handmade Update

New Girl in Town
In April I wore lots and lots of glitter in my face – I still do, but that month kind of started it. Meanwhile, with my last days of school and the start of my finals I seem to have had too much freetime (why study anyway?) and watched a lot of TV shows, Penny Dreadful (I did stop after season two, it kind of lost its grip), Dead Like Me, Kimmy Schmidt (season two, and rewatching one, of course) and one of the best series: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, after seeing season one on Netflix I had to order the box soon. But all of them where really good. With the grand opening of the cat house at our local animal shelter, we had a look at the cats and eventually Moriarty did move in with us. And, I also saw Batman v Superman (which was not that bad in my opinion).
Handmade Update

Planets Stardust Alpaca Lost Place
So, in May, I saw the competing movie to BVS, Captain America – Civil War (which was way overhyped to me an actually not a good movie at all), on the up side, I saw Teen Wolf and The Flash, two amazing tv shows on Amazon Prime and Alice Through The Looking Glass, which led to a job for me! But, I did not only watch TV/movies, I also went to a great exhibition of works by spanish artist Sorolla and had a look at some beautiful 30s dresses. That month was also when I started doing Yoga – and I still enjoy it until today! Watching Jurassic World on TV led to me watching the Trilogy and becoming obsessed.
Handmade Update

I started working as Alice that month and it was a great experience, I also changed my hair colour to a blonde/white – not because of Alice, but it fit quite well. But, before beginning to work, I finished school – I was done with my finals (and later on had my prom) – and so I was able to go to Prague with my best friends. Another great thing was the anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – of course not as big of a deal as in Munich, but to me it was. I also saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time and in a cinema in Munich that has a room just for the show. It’s grand. Then, as my parents had given that to me for Christmas, we went to New York – mainly in July, but we arrived in late June.
Handmade Update

Camping in New York
July was of course starting with New York and it’s such a wonderful city – certainly one where I could imagine living, I also was able to see Jersey Boys, the musical – it’s a great one, one of my faves by now. I saw a lot of movies on the plane, you can see them here. With my best friend I went to Herrenchiemsee, yet another castle and even though there was some rain, it was wonderful. That month was also a time to finish up tv shows – Hannibal season three arrived and it was so amazing, artistic and altogether brilliant – I mean, it’s Bryan Fueller, so what else could you expect? I really want to write a whole post about it soon. I’m pretty sure I also watched Miss Fisher season two and three – which was great as well – opposed to the movie version of Emerald Green/Smaragdgrün. And, quite off topic, I got the Chocolate Vendula Bag and as always when I mention their bags I just have to stress how beautiful and high-quality they are.

Harley Quinn
Once again I’m not entirely sure, but I think I saw the first season of Lucifer (a pretty good detective show with some SPN references) as well as the first and second season of Vikings – I really like the show but I can’t seem to binge watch it (which has its pros and cons, I don’t mind waiting for new episodes). I did travel a bit, visiting my best friend and my grandparents as well. Also, mum and I went to see the Musical Tarzan and enjoyed it even though the German version of the lyrics is somewhat weird – well, Phil Collins music nevertheless, so I enjoyed that. August was also the time Suicide Squad was released and my new Ikea Shelves arrived (you can see them in most of my Instagram pics). Besides that I also started playing the Sims – my notebook is not perfect for the game, but it’s relaxing and fun nevertheles.
Handmade Update

Woodland Fairy
Talking about games, I ordered and played Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer which led to me playing New Leaf again as well. I also got into sleek things (besides lipsticks, I knew those before). I also, finally, managed to go to the Star Wars Identities with my Star Wars friend (we also saw Rogue One together) in my city and I loved it! After travelling to Meran (some pics are here), I decided to go to the museum every Friday and did that until December (when I couldn’t anymore for job reasons), so I went to the Lenbachhaus, the Neue Pinakothek (my favourite museum in Munich, featuring romantic and impressionism art). Besides that I also continued Vikings and watched season three.
Handmade Update

Marilyn, Plaid & Bees
I mentioned Funkos before, but on October my droid funkos arrived and the C3PO one with the red arm is so beautiful and cute. As mentioned before I went to the museum a lot, the Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern Art), the Sammlung Schack (AMAZING romantic landscape art) and the Neue Pinakothek again, but also the Nationalmuseum, the Glyptothek and the Antikensammlung (Antique Collection) AND an exhibition of 60s and 70s photography (Twiggy and Co.). With all the cultural gems, I had to watch some sitcoms, so The Middle and Simpsons made up the shows I watched in October. But, I got around a lot, to Nymphenburg with my best friend, to a Cat Café and to my Grandparents. Two very great things arrived as well, my Glitter Shoes and a cute Axolotl Pin.
Handmade Update

Secretary Librarian Chic
Once more visiting my grandparents that month, Museum Mensch und Natur (science museum) and also Linderhof, another castle. But, november/december is the time we have a book fair in Munich, so I went there all of the time. Meanwhile I had to prepare my cosplays for Comic Con and catch up on Supernatural – that means watching season ten (finally!), eleven and twelve (I’m now up to date!), while sewing I also watched The Simpsons and rewatched a few 30 Rock episodes. I only went to the cinema once, to see Phantastic Beasts – but in general this year was much better than last year, for 2017 I’d hope to go to the cinema about every two week, but who knows… The month, however, I got to see the opera Lady Macbeth since my best friends mum works there and the opera itself was so great! Following my Jurrassic Park obsession (well, one of my cosplays was Ellie Sattler after all), I got some goodies by kate gabrielle and all the time I was listing to Marina and the Diamonds, her music is so wonderful. And a last thing, I connect with November is getting into witchcraft and Tarot, so that was fun.
Handmade Update

Candy Canes and Gnomes
The last month of the really great, working at a bookstore (even though I actually only wrapped gifts) was fun, but the best thing about December was Comic Con – my very first one! I had so much fun and my friend and I were constantly fangirling. I was also fangirling (with my Star Wars friend though) about Rogue One, oh every new Star Wars movie is a pleasure. Matching the Star Wars theme, I made my first dress for someone else (not me/my mum), the lovely Saskia. While sewing I watched a few Vikings season four episodes, but mainly old How I Met Your Mother episodes. Even though I love Christmas, I kind of fell of the wagon and listened to Fall Out Boy again instead of Christmas songs. Also, I finally made my first tattoo appointment and met the artist and she is so lovely, I’m really looking forward to early February now.
Handmade Update

I read 51 books this year, so here is My Year in Books on goodreads, but I really want to recommend Paladin, the Hollyhill Trilogy (finally got the third book! It’s only available in German so far, though), Lessing’s books (he’s a German writer as well, and I love his work, so I try to read the ones I haven’t read so far in 2017), Percy Jackson (though I’m only three books in), the Märchen heute series (German as well, and a reread of faves). Also, the original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Underground and the collection of his poems, O Frabjous Day! are really recommendable.
I also got into graphic novels – Lady Killer, Poe Dameron and Monstress are fantastic!

hair talk
Since 2016 was time to change my hair colour all the time, I wanted to include that as well, so here is a bit of a recap: I started with the red hair with bit of a pinkish tint and kept adding blue so that it turned purple-ish in May when I mainly wore curls because I wanted to grow it out so I could get a short bob which I did by June and the hair was also bleached very light almost white to be honest and it made me incredibly happy, so inbetween the following hair colours my hair was white a lot of the time. By late August I did the split-dye, half orange half pink and looking like a cartoon figurine was fantastic! I went white again in September nevertheless just to turn peach in the second half of October and I wore those in curls sometimes so that was fun, by December my hair was even long enough to do an updo for the Ellie Sattler look (since the peach had washed out, the hair was a somewhat natural kind of blond again). After Comic Con I went blonde again and this time my hair was kind of grey – both cut and colour of that salon visit were probably my favourite of all the blonde bobs I had that year. So, that was my year in hair colours.

What was your year like? I hope you had fun on a personal level. Also, what would you like to see next year on the blog? Don’t hesitate telling me, I really want to make a Funko Collection Post and I have a little list, so we’ll see.

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