my favourite outfits of 2016

As the first post of 2017, we start with a recap sort of thing – a recap of fashion, one of my favourite things in the world. These are all Instagram posts that do not include official outfit post – what does that mean? These are pics taking in my room including selfies and just outfits I feel like deserve recognition – and to be worn again! I did something like that last year, too, and once this post is finished, I’ll revisit the old one.

This one is very pink, like a lot of pink – I especiallylove the tights and the magic wand I found. But, I have to mention those brooches as well, an Instagram friend gave them to me and as I love Hairspray, I love these brooches. And, the makeup, I remember which eyeshadow I did use and will wear that again very soon.

Melanie Martinez – how I love thee. This one was not worn outside, but I still love it a lot, from the top to the tights and while I had to throw them away, I really need similar ones soon again.

Those thights again, I love them jut so much and I think they go very well with the petticoat and the lettuce flower crown.

This one is not necessarily a favourite outifit, but more the thought of going out of my comfort zone as well as the denim jacket – that looks even better now.

First selfie right here, love the makeup and the flower crown. I think it has some cute details, too.

I think this is the first post including my cat, so I had to include it here. Also, the dress is one of my all time favourites.

The thing about this one tís the hair turban – I really don’t wear that often enough!

This includes one of my petticoat when it was still VERY fluffy and I like it a lot, it’s a pretty outfit, too, with red – which is one of my favourite colours.

This brooch and this skirt are perfect together, so I had to include an outfit where I wear these things together. Also, shoutout to little moose, their brooches are amazing!

Little moose again, what a coincidence. That was my outfit to Alice II, which has some emotional meaning, but also for all the little Alice bits.

Selfie Time again! That’s one of my favourite selfies – it’s fun and cute and different, especially with it being my first selfie with the white short bob hair which grew to me soo much.

I love this dress a lot, and I think it’s beyond perfect with the shoes and the white hair – some things just belong together.

That’s my prom outfit. I did not get photos of it yet, so I have to wait and see until one day I will, but it opened up my love for the twenties (actually Miss Fisher did that) and actually wearing 20s stuff – I really need some cute twenties skirts and dresses!

That one is actually my most like pic on Instagram – I like it, too, no doubt, it’s Alice and the effect is kinda cool. That was a big part of my summer, so I had to include it – yes, I know, I still have to blog about my expierence working as Alice.

Did I include this one only for Moriarty’s cute look? Yes.

Once again, a new hair colour, and I also really love that sjirt I got at Star Wars Identities.

Space Buns! I mean, sure I love the dress, but I am obsessed with space buns. I think that are a lot of fun, especially with half-half hair. Even though I cannot wear my hair in space buns very often, I love space buns a lot.

This blouson is so fancy and somewhat Asian, it’s just so lovely Also, I like wearing that top and it works so well with a lot of my things – of course, mainly in summer.

The yellow dress is one I wear a lot, it’s simple and can be worn with basicall everything and besides the outfit post, I think it’s great with red.

This one was my profile picture on Instagram for quite some time and I wear tht shirt a lot when I relax at home and as a whole it’s slightly like Snow White – also curls for the first time in what felt like ages.

I found this flannel my mum got in Philadelphia once and I love it. (The #selfie is from Monday, I'm sick at the moment and look … not so good 😅). Also I really hope that election wakes up and unites all the #nastywomen and every one who values equal rights for all humans. It saddens me a lot that populism and hate speech still have the same power as eighty years ago. Hopefully we can learn from the past and fight for and defend everyone's equal rights – not only in the USA, but also everywhere else (right wing politicians here in Europe are having a blast…). Love and be kind to each other. ❤ #ootdsocialclub #ootd #whatiwore #pinupgirl #noveltyprint #autumn #fall #autumnfashion #winter #winterfashion #pinkhair #disney #fairy #pixie #princess #glitter #mickeymouse #peachhair #cottoncandyhair #20sbob #doyoulikemyvintagebob #50s

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ANOTHER SELFIE? Yes, with the new hair colour (well, I had t in the pic above, but you can see it a lot better here). Also, I like the both makeup and the cute little shirt I stole from my mom.

Another year has gone by without me shooting this outfit properly, so I had to include it once and since I think that pic is pretty cute, I took this one.

That’s not … me. That’s my cat, cutest thing ever.

My Ellie Sattler Cosplay means a lot to me for various reasons and I want to take really good pics of it one day, probably with a wig. And since the tote bag was made by me, I wanted to include that one as well.

I only include that for fabulous straight after hairdresser hair. ♥

Now, be prepared for a couple of Star Wars Outfits, this BB-8 one still needs proper Outfit Pics, but I like that quick photo with the Funko.

This one is kind of a hipster rather than a pinup outfit, but I really love everything about it. I’ve been thinking of getting the shirt forever. While I do not want to support fast fashion, every once in a while I get an H&M piece after thinking about it forever and usually I will keep it for years. So while I’m not 100% happy with that solution I’m at least half way okay with it.

This dress might be my favourite I made that year, who knows? Anyway, both cut and print are very much to my liking.

Jurassic Park, that’s all.

For me, everything is right with that picture, the light in the background are on (I always forget to put them on!) and I’m low-key obsessed with the dress, it has the most perfect fabric, satin and velvet, you can imagine.

Tights again – let’s start and end with fancy tights. I would not have worn mustard yellow tights last year, but with a few people on Insta rocking the colour I wanted to try that and I enjoy the way it looks.

What outfits of mine – or yours – did you like a lot this year?


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