Handmade Update – December

This month I prepared some things for etsy and had a bit of a Star Wars obsessive sewing marathon.

Cinema Cats Altering
Altering Cinema Cats
1st, 5th of December
I love love love this fabric and the dress, too, but with the collar it was way too tight – I think that has to do with being slightly claustrophobic in certain situations and so on. So, I removed the collar, made it wider and added a black velvet bow.

Kitchen Aid Cover
Kitchenaid Cover
1st, 6th, 7th of December
For a colleague of my mum I made a cover for the kitchenaid she owns. And I really love the fabric.

BB-8 Dress
BB-8 Dress
8th, 9th of December
After going to comic con I really wanted a BB-8 Cosplay dress, so I made myself one. The applications aren’t perfect, but they are my first ones after all. At first I used the skirt below, but I changed it again to my original plan.

BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
9th of December
So, this skirt will be sold on etsy, I really love the fabrics, it’s low-key BB-8 inspired, but can be worn in spring without a reference as well.

Cherry Skirt (etsy)
Cherry Skirt (etsy)
9th, 10th of December
Since I had some Cherry fabric left, so I made a skirt for etsy.

Black Mini Skirt
Black Mini Skirt
14th of December
When I wanted to wear the Star Wars jumper, I needed a skirt – I wanted a black (or grey) one, but I don’t own one – and I also wanted a short one, I don’t own that either. So I made one, in the morning, right before wearing it.

Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
15th, 16th of December
Then, since I had some fabric left, I made another one for etsy. I really love the fabric and I hope it’ll make someone really happy.

Millenium Falcon Bow Saskia
Millenium Falcon Bow (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
When I prepared the Dress for Saskia, I also decided to make a matching bow and so I did, I inserted some sort of fleece, so it is naturally stiff.

Millenium Falcon Dress Saskia
Millenium Falcon Dress (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
And that is the dress. I hope it will fit well. It’s a different pattern from the one I made for myself last month, more Lolita and with a cream coloured lining.

What did you make this month? Or this year? And are you selling things on etsy? What would you like to see from me?


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