what I got for christmas

Christmas Gifts
I wasn’t sure whether or not to make this post, I mean, my gifts are beautiful, but did I have to show them? Well, to be honest, I both wanted to show them to you and I’m a bit out of ideas for posts. So in case you have any wishes for posts, go ahead and tell me (of course some recap posts for 2016 will follow as well). Also, I want to apologise for the bad lightning, it’s winter!

Addams Family
Let’s start with a confession – I have a low-key obsession with the Addams Family even though I have seen neither the show nor the movies. The main issue is of course that I do not stream things illegally and none of the libraries have any in stock. So, I have been interested in them for about two or three years without something to base it on. Now my dad got me this amazing set of photos which is a limited since it’s actually old/real. With it came tickets for the musical and I’m so excited – I hope to watch at least a movie beforehand, but so I can at least get into the story of this family. And it’s a musical, did I mention that? And as we all know I love musicals.

Cardigan Cats
Actually I was in need of a black cardigan that was about waist-length and this one with the little cats is so cute – they are satin and so soft.

Gracy Q Dress
This was the only thing I was actually wishing for, it’s a Gracy Q dress, I saw at my favourite Vintage/Repro Shop in Munich and it fit like a glove. Since it was not really a bargain, I was torn whether to get it or not. On one hand it was perfection, but on the other hand too expensive for me at the moment, so i’m really grateful for this (as for everything).

Hunkemöller does have the most beauiful lingerie. And my mum told me she picked that one up because it would look great with the dress – I mean, it does on it’s own, but it really matches!

The bookstore I worked at gave me chocolates and they look so adorable, I really look forward to eating them. The beautiful brooch is for the dress as well and it goes so well with the colour of the dress, even though the brooch is vintage, I think it’s made for the dress. The necklace on the other hand was a gift by my aunt – she always gives my jewelery I’d never pick up in a store, but when I have it, I love it. The blue necklace she gave me last year goes so well with one of my vintage beauties. And this one looks just as amazing – I’m so excited to wear it. ♥

Scandinavia Books
For 2017 I want to go to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands – I don’t know if it’ll work, but I have gathered some information and a very loose plan. So, I’m always happy about any type of information and it also means my mum is aboard me going there on my own, which is a great support. And I’m already looking forward to looking through the books and the journey as well.

Jewellery Tanja
Our dear friend (who would have been my godmother had I’ve been baptised) Tanja gave me those beautiful, beautiful pieces of jewellery. The cat brooch and the candy apple earrings are about to be worn a lot!

I forgot to take pics of the movies my best friend and grandparents gave to me, because I had already found a home for them, still, I really appreciate How the Grinch stole Christmas, Grease II, Supernatural IX and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a lot!
What did you get for Christmas and what did you give? I hope you all had and have a great time. I want to add something entirely unrelated here – I’m still in shock over Carrie Fisher’s death, it’s hard on me, especially with her mother Debbie Reynolds gone as well now.


4 thoughts on “what I got for christmas

  1. Such pretty things! I have seen the Addams family movies many many times and love them, but I haven’t seen the original series. Also, how beautiful is that lingerie set!


  2. Lovely presents! I loooooove that dress! And lingerie…mm! gorgeous! I so like such bra which has lace under cups as well but I can’t wear them yet as I have a birthmark and I’m always afraid it will rub it. I have to remove it) I wanted for long time)
    About Denmark..come in summer or during Christmas time) I live now in Copenhagen and I recommend these seasons:))


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