Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Fangirl Friday

Last night I went to see Rogue One with a dear friend of mine. We had decided on a German + 3D screening due to time reasons. So, while we would have love to watch it in 2D and English, we could not.

Yet, I have to admit, the 3D was enjoyable nevertheless. It always does give me a little bit of headache, but the effects were worth it. In general I think the animated parts were pretty interesting, especially since they also animated human faces. Which is a weird thing, to be honest, but kind of cool all the same and of course, as it’s Star Wars/Disney and they have an enormous budget, very well made.
Since the movie was set between III and IV, we knew what was going to happen and how certain details had to elvove/be solved and still they managed to pull of a gripping movie. It was neither too long nor too fast paced and I think they concluded Rogue One quite neatly. Personally, going in, I would have wished for Episode VIII instead of a story, but despite that I wasn’t disappointed. There were a lot of nostalgic moments, from characters involved to references and little things. It was, of course, sad not to hear the opening music, reading what had happened so far. I mean, sure, I get why they did not include that, but I would have love that nevertheless. Then again, all those little things kind of made up for that.
The story itself was as mentioned in a way predicatable, because of the following movies. If I had not known the movies, I don’t think I could call it that. And that is quite a thing to say, they made a great story to fit inbetween III and IV, that had surprising and nostalgic elements.
To me, the characters were pretty interesting as well, usually Star Wars characters are good or bad (not everyone and things can change, but that is kind of the tone in general) and in Rogue One the characters were really elaborate and “grey” (as in not black/white). They had their background stories explained yet not in an obnoxiously extensive way, but subtle. And that goes for all the characters, I especially enjoyed Chirrut. Jyn, K-2SO (amazing!) and Cassian had a great chemistry and it was enjoyable to watch their dialogues. Especially Jyn is a great addition to the row of strong women in the Star Wars universe. Sarcasm was quite a big part of those dialogues. And even though the movie was pretty dark, that added some of the humour we know and love.

So for me, even though it did not give me that tingly feeling of The Force Awakens, Rogue One was a good mix of dark and light moments with a great set design, CGI and characters.


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