Comic Con Haul

Comic Con Haul
The Comic Con in Dortmund was my first ever Convention – there was a Japan festivale in Munich some years ago (I was probably about eleven or so) and did not really appreciate it. Now, going to Dortmund and all, I sure did appreciate it and bought a few things – within my budget luckily. Most of it is Star Wars, obviously.

Comic Con Patches
As additions to my denim jacket I got a Jurassic Park patch (much needed!) and a Dalek patch tht is a friendship patch with the friend who went with me.

Comic Con Cat Clip
CandyZombies is a shop I knew beforehand, from Instagram and etsy, so I was excited to see the creations in person and eventually I got mysef this cute little cat that looks like the Cheshire Cat.

Comic Con Earrings
When I saw the Millennium Falcon Earrings at NoxAurum, I was in love, so I got them and I’m really loking forward to wearing them with my matching dress.

Comic Con Alpaca White
I was debatting over getting this one a lot, because I had already gotten the apricot one below. But this one kind of got to me, his (her?) name is Alpacasso Kirarin Star and I got him from Manga-Mafia.

Comic Con Alpaca Apricot
I don’t recall the name of the shop where I got Alpacasso Pop’n Ribbon, but they only sold alpacas and other fluffy japanese toys. And I wanted a alpaca for the longest time, so I’m happy to finally own one.

Comic Con Star Wars Cap
I first saw the cap on Saturday, but did not get it, but after waiting to long I had to go to another shop, which was slightly more expensive (one or two euros), but the colourway is so beautiful – like a nerdy hipster cap. And I mean, I never wear caps, but I might as well start now. (Also, even though it looks blue, the cap is black).

Comic Con Jurassic Park Jacket
Jurassic Park became one of my favourite movies practically while I was watching it for the first time and Ellie Sattler is my aspiration in life. Also this jacket is beyong comfy and soft. I got both, the cap and the baseball jacket at the booth of cool2U.

Comic Con Rey BB8
I wanted to get some photos of good movies at comic con and I ended up getting various photos from only three different movies (if you count all Star Wars movies as one). The big one is Rey and BB8, of course.

Comic Con Star Wars Back to the Future Dirty Dancing Photo
Then I saw some of the eighties movies photos, like Dirty Dancing (including one for my Bestie) and Back to the Future. I also got another one from The Force Awakens, with BB8 and Poe Dameron and the most amazing pic of Leia. The way she tilts her head and this slightly sarcastic, presumptuous look on her face is the best. I’m really obsessed with this pic and think about framing it.

Comic Con BB8 Paintings
There were amazing artists at Comic Con, but I just decided to get the beautiful BB8 illustration by Martha Wernio. And it looks beautiful alongside all my prints at the sewing corner.

What conventions have you been to and what fandom things did you get?


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