Mail Day #7 | Novelties, Cutsy Stuff and Fandom Things

It’s been about a month and Christmas is coming, so I made a few orders again and this is kind of an November wrap up.

sleek Whimsical Wonderland
sleek Whimsical Wonderland
sleek Whimsical Wonderland
sleek Whimsical Wonderland
I had a sleek palette in my last mail day and I love it. The colours are intense and beautiful, especially when you consider the prize. This one here also got me because of the packaging, it’s pastel, wonderland and fair themed, so I had to look at the eyeshadow colours and they are so incredibly beautiful. Very bright and colourful. Teacups and Loop-The-Loop are so incredibly beautiful – but I have a thing for red eyeshadows anyway. But the blue tones are really cute as well.

Dollskill Tights
I ordered from DollsKill before, but this time I had to pick it up at the customs and had to pay. Kind of tragic, but I had to order a gift for my best friend, so since it was here in time, I’m okay. For myself I got some (I wanna write fetch) tights with vertical stripes – will wear them soon in an outfit post.

Dollskill Glitter
I also got myself some facial glitter, for my taste 10 $ is a bit expensive for that bit of glitter, but it’s so beautiful. It’s In Your Dreams in Pink Pegasus and they are cruelty free, so yeah!

For my Mia Wallace Cosplay I needed a black wig and I wasn’t sure about where to get one. Eventually I went on etsy and found one on Wicked Wigs and it’s silky and beautiful!

kate gabrielle
This time it’s only ordering from shops I ordered from before and one of them is kate gabrielle, with her amazing flapper and feminist designs.

kate gabrielle
kate gabrielle
kate gabrielle
For myself I got the Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth patch, a great Jurassic Park reference and a beautiful patch. With it came a Mystery Pin – also Jurassic Park themed and isn’t it amazing?

kate gabrielle
kate gabrielle
For my childhood best friend, whom I have practically know forever, I got the BFF Best Friend pendant set. I thought it fitting, since we have been friends as kids, playing all these games.

Pusheen Mystery Box
Pusheen Mystery Box
On pixielocks’ YouTube Channel I saw the adorable Pusheen Mystery Boxes, so I decided to get two of them. Eventually I got the same one twice, but so I can give it to someone as a little gift. And it’s the one, I wanted most, so that’s amazing!

deer arrow
deer arrow doe
I’ve known deer arrow for quite some time and there Christmas Brooches last year were amazing and so are the ones this year, so I decided to get the Baby Doe, such a cute little one.

deer arrow ouija
Besides this one, I was also very keen on the Ouija Brooch with the beautiful iridescent shine and I decided to get it along with this one.

deer arrow ice cream
deer arrow snowflake
For a friend I got the Sundae Pin, a very cute thing and it qualified me to get the beautiful Snowflake, too.

What are your favourite small buisnesses? And where do you get pins and brooches?


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