Handmade Update – November

This month I worked on my cosplays for Dortmund Comic Con and then I found amazing Star Wars fabric in Neu-Ulm!

Scarf for Mum
4th of November
Last month I made a skirt of this fabric and this one I also made a matching scarf for her to wear with the skirt.

Jurassic Park Tote
Dinosaur Tote
6th, 9th of November
For Comic Con one of my outfits – the one below – is Ellie Sattler, and since I needed a bag for the outfit, I wanted to make a tote saying “dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth” to carry all my important things.

Jurassic Park Outfit
Ellie Shorts
4th of November
Ellie Blouse
5th, 6th, 11th of November
And this is the Ellie outfit, I shortened the pair of trousers and made the blouse. It’s my first real blouse, but I think it’s okay, the sleeves could haven been attached a bit better as well as the collar, but that’s that.

Mia Wallace Outfit
Mia Trousers
20th of November
For Mia Wallace I only needed a pair of trousers, but I did not find one to my liking AND fitting, so I made one and this is the first successful pair of trousers. I already made a pair of short and leggins, but this trousers were unsuccessful. Always. And I’m really happy with this pair, it’s high waisted and the fabric is amazing.

Star Wars Skirt
Star Wars Skirt
20th of November
I was looking for Star Wars fabric for weeks, months even. But the ones I found were always stretchy, I did not take them, but the ones I found with my grandma are amazing. So back home I just had to make the skirt instantly, so I can wear it at Comic Con. But maybe I will just wear it every single day for the rest of my life. Who knows?

Star Wars Bows
Star Wars Bows
22nd of November
To wear with the skirt and to sell on etsy in January or February, I made some bows of the leftover fabric and I hope to prepare some more things until I’m going to open the shop.

millenium falcon dress
Millenium Falcon Dress
22nd, 24th of November
OF COURSE I had to get this fabric when I saw it. I knew it had to become a dress, but I wasn’t sure about the style, so I made this with a bit of ruffle around the cheast and above the waist. It’s pretty comfy actually. ANd when it came to lining I went for a nice red cotton that I had laying around – it’s cute and I did not find a black or white cotton fabric at ten at night in my room (I do not have good lightning).

What did you make this month? And what Cosplays did you make?


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