my brooch collection | my favourites and where to get them

Novelty Brooches
If you have a look at my outtis every once in a while, you probable noticed that I always wear a little brooch. To me they really add something to an outfit – the 50s (inspired) ones of course add a lot of class and elegance, but especially cute novelty brooches show of personal interests, opinions and in general things I like. Sometimes people ask me, where I find cute brooches and which shops I recommend, so here’s a little overview over my collection and some shopping recommendations.

novelty brooches

novelty brooches

Most of my new brooches, are from deerArrow, the sewing machine was the first one when they started with wooden novelty brooches, but added acrylic designs. All of the ones I own are wonderfully crafted. They are all handmade and high quality, though I have to say, the newer ones are a little expensive. On the other hand AU$ – € rate is pretty good for me, usually between about 60-80%, I think. Their designs are chic and cute, sometimes with a little Disney vibe and especially the Christmas editions are beautiful. Also, the little boxes in which the brooches ship are too cute – and save a lot of unneccessary trash.

Similar to the first deerArrow brooches are Ann Tiki Handmade brooches. The last time I checked she did not offer anything, but sometimes she creates cute handpainted brooches with fandom theme, especially 80s movie/tv show references. I only own her beautiful Ferris brooch, it’s bigger than most of my brooches, but beautiful nevertheless.

novelty brooches
Hairspray Brooch Set – I think Atomic Mingo, but I bought it of a friend from Instagram

novelty brooches
Alice Imagination Cameo – FemmeDeBloom | Cheshire Cat – Little Moose | Cheshire Cat Cameo – Prague | Tea Set – Deer Arrow | Alice Drink Me – Deer Arrow

FemmeDeBloom‘s creations are so diverse and a lot of them are inspired by Disney (including Star Wars). The designs are really diverse, from cameos to regular designs and then those Mickey Lollipops. Additionally she offers great pins and jewellery. Melanie is also one of the cutest and kindest girls and if you’re looking for a bargain, she often has announcements on her Instagram, but her prices are very affordable no matter what.

If you’re looking for acrylic brooches and jewellery, you should check out Little Moose, they offer quirky, fun designs with little nick-nacks. The quality is really high, though I’d recommend waiting for sales (though shipping is cheap).

novelty brooches
Deer – Deer Arrow | Snow Globe – Deer Arrow | Candy Cane – Gift from my Bestie (might be Vintage)

novelty brooches
Bee Collar Clips – ModCloth | Poison Apple – Deer Arrow | Fairest of them All – Deer Arrow | Deer – Handmade from a Christmas Ornament

Hungry Designs is really different, the brooches are wood covered with paper, so it’s obviously matter of taste, but the designs are so gorgeous, there are silhouettes, skulls, female heads, cames, a lot of them are fandom inspired as well, Marie Antoinette and Deadly Sins are prominent as well.

Fandoms and Flappers are also prominent with kate gabrielle, especially feminist topics and shows like 30 Rock. The designs are creative and different, there is also a high chance of finding something for a friend (or cat) and besides jewellery you also find paper goods.

novelty brooches
Save Ferris – AnnTiki | Mountains – Little Moose | Bee – Gift from a dear friend (Vintage)

novelty brooches
Lady with Birdcage – Hungry Designs | Sewing Machine – Deer Arrow | Cameo – Vintage from a Flea Market in Hamburg

Of course, having a look at the jewellery section at vintage or thrift store is a good idea as well, but in my experience the rate of success is at flea markets or fairs. But in general, keep your eyes open, sometime claire’s, six and other jewellery shops sell some pretty cute pin and brooch sets, mainly made from metall and obviously not as wonderful as a handmade piece, but you’re lucky sometimes and find a beautiful piece. Grandma might have something cute as well!

Another opition is making something yourself, use some polymer clay or using shrinking plastic – or glue a wooden ornament or something cute, but light to a brooch pin.

novelty brooches
Library Pin – British Library London | I Love Books Girl – kate gabrielle | Practically Perfect in Every Way Cameo – FemmeDeBloom

novelty brooches
Silver Flowery Pin – Vintage (Grandma), missing a pearl | Alpace – Little Moose | Liz Lemon – kate gabrielle

novelty brooches
Hedgehog – Vintage | Cat – handmade | Minnie Cameo – FemmeDeBloom

I also wanted to include some shops I yet have to order from. Obviously I did not order from them so far, but I did hear nothing but good things about them.

novelty brooches
Adipose – handmade | Mickey Mouse Lollipop – FemmeDeBloom | BB8 – handmade

novelty brooches
Fox (?) – Vintage | Harley and Joker – HungryDesigns

In case you were wondering about the beautiful pics, they are from my grandmas and aunts. And I really love the one were my grandma is laughing and eating.


4 thoughts on “my brooch collection | my favourites and where to get them

  1. Howdy, There’s a specific piece in your collection with Alice trapped in a bottle labeled “drink me.” I’m a husband on a Xmas christmas gift mission for this item. Sources like Etsy, Ebay, ect have all turned up dry so far. Any reliable suggestions on where I can go to buy one of those?


    • Hi Adam, it is acutually from deer Arrow, though I think it is sold out, I would look on ebay and I’m pretty sure their are facebook groups for selling and trading brooches (I don’t have an account, but I am pretty sure their are ones specific for deerArrow). I hope you find it! If you don’t, Little Moose has a wonderful Alice in Wonderland collection, too!
      Kind regards and good luck!


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