Handmade Update October (+ New Hair)

This month it took me some time to get into sewing again – but then again I was away for a few days and I tend to get ito a power sewing mode when I start. So I made a few autumnal things.

Plaid Pinafore
Plaid Pinafore
16th of October
So, Pinafores are my new thing. They look like something a four year old would wear especially with a novelty print, but I also love plaid. So this is my first plaid skirt and I had to add something special, so I turned it into my first pinafore with cute buttons and a little fron pocke. I really love the fabric, it’s soft and the colours are beautiful.

Acorn Pinafore
Acorn Pinafore
17th of October
This is a fabric I found in Ulm and I really like it. This pinafore is just as autumnal as the one above. And why do I love making pinafores? They are so easy to make, you wouldn’t actually need any knowledge about sewing and I think about making a little tutorial soon.

Cat Pinafore
Cat Pinafore
17/18th of October
Like the last one I found it in Ulm and I think it’s so cute (and probably more appropriate for a toddler) so it had to be made into pinafore no. 3.

Plaid Skirt Mum
Plaid Skirt for Mum
19th of October
For her birthday I gave my mum a voucher for a skirt, so we were looking for a fabric and found that one – it’s perfect for autumn and winter as it is quite cosy and warm. As it is inspired by a Grace Q skirt, I made the waistband a little different and added a few loops for a belt.

Plaid Shirtdress Pencilskirt
Plaid Shirtdress with a Pencilskirt
19th-21st of October
I bought enough of the plaid fabric to make a dress as well. You know, I mainly wear wide skirts, but sometimes I like something a little tight – even though I don’t think it’s a flattering, still I really like the outcome, it reminds me of Joan (Mad Men), but it was not inspired by her, but by a few collectif dresses – even though I changed it quite a bit and just made my own pattern. I was also looking for buttons that were a small version of the ones on the pinafore and I found some – all of the other buttons are old ones I found at home.

Harlequin Top
Harlequin Croptop
23rd, 24th, 28th of October
Actually I had something different in mind for Halloween, but I decided to go for a sort of doll/marionette/revue dancer and I think the corset thing was quite a good idea.

Peach Hair
Way to Peach Hair
I also changed my hair colour on the 20th, I’m quite happy with the result now, but at first it was a bit to pink. And even though I think that was very pretty, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I did two cleaning washes and created a new colour, based on directions flamingo pink, mandarin and revlon 004 peach as well as an alverde conditioner to end up with a cute peach tone.

What did you sew this month and what are you working on now?


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