Handmade Update – September

The power sewing time continued, so I was just sewing from the end of August to first couple of days of this month. So, this is what I created – and I already have a few interesting ideas for next month – including my Halloween costume and my cosplays for December.

Animal Party Dress
Animal Party Dress (fabric: Lizzie Mackay by blend Hip Hooray)
1st of September
This fabric is probably the most childish fabric I ever bought – and I buy kids’ novelty fabrics on a regular basis. So I felt this dress would need even more 5th birthday party vibes, therefore I added pompoms and ruffles and they make me incredibly happy.

Winter Gnomes Dress
Gnome Dress (fabric: Michael Miller PATT# CX-6701 Holly Jolly Gnomes)
1st of September
Another new Christmas dress, okay, actually I plan on having an advent calendar of christmas-y dresses, but I guess that’ll take some time, this dream might come true by Christmas 2017, I hope. But until then, isn’t that print everything you ever dreamt of for a Christmas Dress?

Sterntaler Dress
“Sterntaler”/Star Dress (fabric: michael miller patt# cm6793 moon and stars)
2nd of September
Blue AND glittery? Yes, I love that. It was sorted in with the Christmas fabrics, but I guess it’s an all-year thing, actually. Such a gorgeous fabric and without wanting to sound vain or anything, I’m quite proud of the lining work I did, I feel I’m getting more professional, though it could always be better. ;) Still, I think the off-white lining looks kind of professional.

Metallic Dress
Metallic Dress
2nd of September
I got this fabric in NY and it has this 90s vibe to me, so I made it a bit shorter and added a different back. And it fits pretty well I think, also it fits my cheap pink metallic shoes from Prague PER-FECT-LY. I love that combination and plan to shoot an outfit soon. Unfortunately, though, washing it made it loose a lot of it’s former metallic glam.

Dior Dress
Dior Dress
2nd/3rd of September
When I got my Alice fabric, I saw this one and it reminded me of those 50s dior fabrics, you know, the New Look ones. That’s why I call it the Dior dress, because it’s inspired by those cuts and fabrics (obviously I’m nowhere near Dior, but I think it has that vibe). BTW, the fabric was so cheap, I could not believe it, especially because it seems very high quality and it has glitter!

picture will follow
7th/8th of September
My first actual waistcoat, but I really like it. It’s for the Mad Hatter and he choose the fabrics, and I really think they match pretty well.

What did you create in the last couple of weeks?


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