Autumnal Clothing & Glittery Makeup Haul

Long time no see… Last week I have been to Italy and I got a few things in Meran – some that I actually needed, other things I did not really. The wet’n’wild things as well as the sleek things are not from Meran though, but I ordered them while I was still at home (the eyeshadow palette is actually from a drugstore – yay, sleek in Germany!). Anyway, everything is either glittery or fit for autumn, so let’S have a look.


Sleek Palettes
I was so excited to hear that sleek was actually available in Germany now, that I just had to have a look at the counter. After hearing so many good things about their eyeshadows, I was thinking about getting an i-Divine Palette. On amazon I was enchanted (ha ha) by a few of the palettes, but especially Enchanted Forest. Not only because of the name, but the colours are simply beautiful (as s the whole design). I did not use all of them yet, but I do plan on doing so. they are very pigmented and I really love Pumpkin and Lady Tremaine.

Sleek Palette i-Divine Enchanted Forest

Sleek Palette i-Divine Enchanted Forest

Sleek Palette i-Divine Enchanted Forest

After ordering the Solstice Highlighting Palette I was informed that it is very hyped. Well, That explains why I could not get it at the store. Hemisphere is my go-to highlighter at the moment, so shimmery and amazing, but I have to use more of them soon.

Sleek Palette Solstice Highlighter

Sleek Palette Solstice Highlighter

Sleek Palette Solstice Highlighter

wet'n'wild Glitter
I’m a big fan of wet’n’wild lipsticks, they are highly pigmented and don’t fray, but I also love the colouricon Glitter Singles. I got Bleached, Brass and Groupie in New York, but I had to get them again – as well as the other colours. Well, that’s life as a pixie princess. The other colours are Spiked, Binge, Vices and Distortion.

Of course, I get kiko products here as well, but it’s different nevertheless to go to an Italian kiko store.

Kiko Eyeshadow
Most of my daily basis eyeshadows are from kiko, but even though I usually go for pinks, red, violetts and oranges, I do not have a lilac toned one. This one is the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in 24 (link) and as always the pigmentation is awesome.

Kiko Glitter
The Glitter Eyeliner in 01 (Link) is something I rebuy very often, but I did not test the Glitter Top Coat Mascara (Link) and since it was on sale…

Kiko Eyeliner
Recently I try to incoporate more colourful eyeshadows in my makeup, the Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner And Khôl in 02 (Link) is something to match my redbased EMUs and the Sparkling Trail Eyeshadow in 05 (Link) just got my attention instantly, such a beautiful blue that flatters my eyecolour.

Kiko Swatches

omnia peeling
I did not know this brand beforehand, but they don’t test on animals and I like a good peeling or mask in a tube, so it’s at least a little less waste.


The Siren by Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass - The Siren
I did not read The Selection by Kiera Cass, but The Siren gripped my attention. I got it at my favourtie bookstore (in Meran and I think in general), Alte Mühle. Then I read it within about two days and really enjoyed it even though the ending was very cliché in my opinion.


Same as with kiko, it’s different in Italy. Since I love wearing socks that are a bit different with pretty shoes + calzedonia was having a sale, we got a quite a few socks.

This colour matches a lot of my wardrobe and it’s just such an autumnal colour… Also it’s adorable with the little bow (they are called appl. bow bordeaux).

Calzedonia tights are great, I have a few of their tights and they practically last forever while being soft and cosy, but not too warm either. And the colour, marsala, matches one of my dresses literally perfectly.

The col. righe glitter vinaccia socks are about the same bordeaux as the first pair, but they have additional glitter!

Yes, yes, glitter socks (and shoes) are quite the guily pleasure of mine, the glitter cipria socks look amazing especially with dark shoes, such a pretty little highlight.

Of course, the fantasmi nero socks are just as much of a highlight. I mean, come on, little ghosts wearing jack o’lanterns. Yes, please. That’s amazing.

Tezenis Leggins
I don’t tend to buy sports clothing (or trousers) very often, but I saw these beautiful leggins and considered them perfect for yoga, so they are basically yoga pants.

Promod Shirt Blouse
This blouse with the little dots and velvet ribbons (Link) has such a midcentury vibe to me and I really love wearing it, it looks great with warm and cold colours

promod blouson
The blouson with the japanese print (Link) caught my attention instantly, but I wasn’t sure about whether I should get it or not, but eventually I was so in love with the print and I wear it rather often.

What do you think of sleek and do you get the feeling it’s different to shop in a differnt country?


4 thoughts on “Autumnal Clothing & Glittery Makeup Haul

  1. Absolutely loved your post my dear, I’m a big fan of kiko! I’d also love to try Sleek makeup since I’ve heard so many good things about it, especially the highlighter palette.
    xoxo RAGE


    • Thanks, dear (:
      The highlighter is amazing, I wear it on a daily basis and I guess most people would say it’s too much – but honestly, is there really such athing as too much? ;)


  2. Ich hab mich auch total gefreut, dass wir jetzt Sleek haben, da werd ich mir beizeiten auch mal eine hübsche Palette holen. Die wet n wild Lidschatten wären mir etwas zu glitzerig, aber sehen schon hübsch aus. :)


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