Handmade Update – July/August

Finally another update on my sewing progress. I did not do a lot of sewing in July, but I did sew quite a few things in August, so I decided to sum it up in one post only.

Picture will follow soon!
Red Tulle Skirt
22nd/23rd of July
This was the only thing I made in July and I can’t even wear it, because there’s nothing underneath and it does not look the way I want it yet.

Psychodelic Dress
Psycodelic Dress
6th of August
The fabric is 16th Century Selfie by Tula Pink and I love it. Sewing this dress started my power sewing time of August. I guess, I will have one in September as well, because I have so many fabrics waiting to be made into dresses. I added padding in the top so I can wear it without a bra (and pockets!) and the outfit photos are already taken, so I just have to edit them.

Balloon Skirt
Balloon Skirt
6th of August
This time I used a smaller waistband and I like the outcome, also as you probably know by the type of print, it’s a gütermann fabric. And a very cute on, that is, I think it’s so great for every season and as with the one above the photos are already shot. As I do recently, I added pockets here, too.

Alice Skirt Apron
Alice Dress with Apron
3rd – 7th of August
As you know I work as Alice (yes, I will post about that soon) and I needed a new dress that was a b it fancier. Allso, the old one was a little worn down. So, this is the new one – and I think without the apron it looks a lot like my favourite princess Merida!

New picture will follow soon!
Yellow Dress
9th/10th of August
Here I had a change of plans, actually I wanted something with a little town on the hem, but then I decided I’d prefer it just like this. AND it has pockets! Since yellow is my favourite colour and it works well with my hair now

Town Skirt
9th/10th of August
So, I will make a skirt out of the yellow fabric on which I started to paint a little Italian town on. Pictures will follow as soon as I’m done with it.

Upcycled Jacket
23rd/24th of August
This one is not fo me – it’s way to large anyway, but I really like it. It’s for the one that also plays the Mad Hatter. So, I just added all the details and I think it looks like a mix of a zircus director, Liberace and a fancy king. Of course, I do want a similar one now. I also fixed a few trousers. I had to add some more details to the jacket by the end of the month.

Forest Dress Autumn
Green Autumn Landscape Dress
31st of August
I got this beautiful fabric (birch fabrics acorn trail) at a large fabric store near Ulm and wanted o make a dress out of the fabric before autumnl, because it’s just autumnal! And I really wanted a v-neck again. I did a few stupid things while cutting the fabric, but eventually I could even everything out.

Upcycled Dress for Mum
Upcycled Dress for mum
31st of August
I fixed a dress my mum wasn’t happy with by changing the collar and adding a waistband so it was a little longer. (that’s the before) Actually I also fixed a few dresses for a friend, but those where only easy small changes (making the waist tighter)

Nutcracker Skirt
Nutcracker Skirt
31st of August
Yesterday I went to Karstadt where I get most of my fabric and they already had Christmad themed fabric! And Michael Miller for that! Oh my, I wanted to buy everything, but I “only” got three. So, today I started the Christmas Dressmaking season with aMichael Miller PATT# CX 5953 Nutcracker

That’s it for now. What did you create last month?

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