Suicide Squad | Fangirl Friday

So, I was excited for this movie for months. Then while basically everyone on this world was able to watch it, we (meaning people in Germany and a few other countries) still had to wait to weeks – and somehw that lowered my expectation a lot. Still, we decided to go to watch the movie on the day it came out here, yesterday that is. So, I was super glad when I got excited within the first minutes of the movie.

Actually I really liked the movie – of course, it was flawed, but I enjoyed it. The cast was amazing, I really like Margot Robbie as Harley and her costume design/makup is amazing. Also I think Jared Leto is a great choice for the Joker – though admittedly while I think Heath Ledger is amazing, I was never that crazy about the Ledger-Joker and only considered him possible (I love Jack Nicholson as the Joker, too). So I think this new movie-version is interesting. I was surprised to find the realtionship between Harley and Joker that two-sided and him being rather tender towards her, but I found the romance kind of cute, so why not? (Of course, the relationship is unhealthy and abusive, but to me it is less so in the movie than in the comics, it was cutified and made him more human in a way.)
Well, I think one of the problems was that there were so many characters, I mean, I know it’s like that in the comics, but I guess due to this it would have worked better as a TV show. Because of course like this not everyone can get a lot of screentime and some of the characters seemed a little unnecessary/underrepresented. Then of course on the other hand the movie would have taken hours if you had explored every single character’s background – but with the one they did it was amazingly executed and very artistic. And to be honest I did sympathise with most of the characters, a really diverse cast, but not forcefully so. I was glad that Batman had a few cameos, because I kind of enjoy Ben Afflecks Batman. The tone was rather lighthearted and fun, but there were dramatic scenes, too, so for me that was a good mixture. Also the soundtrack was wonderful, maybe a bit to stuffed, so they often only used a very small sequence of one song, just to move to another next.
Due to the many characters the plot was rather flat and not as elaborate as one could have hoped, but I liked that I did not know who the super-villian (the one the Suicide Squad had to remove) was before going into the movie. Still, the one they chosee was plausible, even if their plan wasn’t too clear and could have been explained better. Though then again, it’s a comic adaptation, so what do you expect? Compared to Civil War it was grand. Also it had a little bit of a ghostbusters vibe to it.
So in general it was a fun colourful movie with great characters, costums and music choice and I guess I will watch it again, maybe not in cinema though. It did not move me like The Danish Girl or Suffragette, but for that genre it was very nice.


4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad | Fangirl Friday

  1. That’s exactly what I think! I just watched the movie yesterday and really liked it. If you don’t know the comic books, it is really hard to keep an overview of the many characters and a lot of their backstory probably gets lost. But in my opinion, they did a fairly good job with the short backstory sequences. Harley Quinn is definitely my favorite character, too :)

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    • Yes, that’s true, but I guess even if you don’t know the comics you get the gist of most of their backstories (and of course some of their stories are not as important for the movie)
      Yeah, Harley is the best!


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