Mail Day #5 | FemmeDeBloom

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom
Recently I did not really feel like blogging – or I wasn’t happy with the content, so now I try to be more critical beforehand and think about what I want on the blog. That said, I guess there might be longer time periods without posts etc. But for now, let’s get into this particular post – though while I write this my cat is walking all over me and trying to stop me from writing – well, I guess, I have to blog about him very soon, too.

First of all I really want to recommend the shop (etsy-Link), there are so many adorable little things, vintage inspired and a lot of fandom stuff in a subtle way. You’ll see that down below, it’s mainly Disney stuff I got (technically everything, but I still refuse to call Star Wars Disney). The shipping would have been really fast, because I did not even take one week to Germany, but then the package was stuck in Customs Clearance for more than two weeks… So when it finally arrived on Wednesday, I rejoiced even though I had to get it from the post office.
The prices are quite moderate for handmade jewllery of such high quality.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom package

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom package
The package was really small – I had expected a envelope, but I got this cute little cube. The things were wrapped with bubble wrap and cute little envelopes. Some of them even had hearts attached to them.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Rebel Alliance Pin
Initally I ordered because of The Force Thursday Sale, so obviously I had to get some Star Wars pieces and the Rebel Alliance Pin is of such a beautiful red in real life and I’m so glad I could add it to my denim jacket pin collection.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Mickey Lollipop
The Mickey Lollipop (I chose pink, because how could I not?) has been all over my Instagram Feed (at least @thehepburnmovement and @wishingwhale own it) and it’s just too cute. It does look like a lollipop.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Mary Poppins Brooch Minnie Mouse Cameo
Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Mary Poppins Brooch Minnie Mouse Cameo
The Mary Poppins Brooch is not available anymore, but the necklace is. It’s such a cute design and the font is practically perfect as well.
The Minnie Mouse Cameo on the other hand was more of a impulsive bargain. You know, I like cameos even more than brooches, but you don’t get them all that often. And even though I’m not the biggest Minnie Mouse fan, I could not resist the vintage design.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Alice Brooch
Then, you know that I’m all about Alice, so I wanted to get the Alice Brooch for months. So when I finally made the decision to get something from Melanie, I ordered that one, too.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom Purple Lightsaber
And that’s the one that made me order in the first place – the Purple Lightsaber, so cute and since I love to wear yellow, this will fit very well.

Mail Day - FemmeDeBloom gifts
Due to the sale and everything I got a few little accessoires on top. Actually I had expected Star Wars things (due to The Force Thursday), but it was Disney World/Land and really cute as well.

That was my order from FemmeDeBloom, I hope I could draw your attention to this cute little etsy shop. What are your experiences with etsy shops? What’s your favourite one?

Since I’m at my grandparents’ for the weekend I’ll prepare a few things for th blog – if I’m in the mood that is – and check my reader.


2 thoughts on “Mail Day #5 | FemmeDeBloom

  1. Hey :) blog about what you want to blog. Talk about your cat, what makes you happy, what you wanna talk about and if you dont want to blog and even this will last a month or longer- do it! Feel free and comfortable with the things you do, this is the only important thing. I will looking forward to hear from you and especially your cat ;)

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