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Obviously when you fly for a few hours you get the possibility to watch TV/movies, listen to music etc. I never experienced that, because my flight to New York was the first that took that long. So, especially on the flight to New York I uses the time to watch relatively new movies. Since I don’t want to talk about them for ages and neither do I want to make a post for each of them, I will combine them here.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I did not expect that much actually, because zombies really aren’t my thing. To be honest most zombie movies I’ve seen so far were pretty good, but still I usually wouldn’t go for a zombie movie or book without people really recommending it. The idea is pretty good actually, I mean Jane Austen meets Zombies is such an unlikely yet interesting idea and the execution was great. The movie was fun to watch, there were good action scenes (you know, I’m not a big fan of action movie action scenes, because they tend to be loud and nothing else, but these were pretty good) and emotional ones. The costumes were amazing, but then again I love the fashion of this time period. All of the girls are really pretty and especially Liz is wonderfully strong. It’s interesting to see the family like this – as a zombie fighting one – that still uses ome of the frases Jane Austen wrote. I did not watch the trailer befre, so I had no idea what to expect, so it was such a surprise to see Matt Smith – who I only know as The Doctor – as Mr Collins and he did a great job, he was so hilarious. Also quite amusing was Mr Darcy in a (modern-ish) leather jacket which was quite funny and interesting in an attractive way. Mr Bingley on the other hand reminded me of Ed Westwick because of his face. As always I had an instant crush on Wickham – I mean, I know he’s a ba guy but since Lost in Austen I see more and him – and he’s so fancy and smart. Love wise the tension is pretty cute and amusing, not annoying and overstated. In general the movie just made me really happy.

First of all, it’s Disney, so do we even have to talk about the animation? It’s so cute and adorable, the details are incredible (of course e.g. the obvious Apple Logo turned into a carrot) and all that fluffy fur, it’s so well made. The use of the soundtrack is amazing and it’s pretty fine in general. The story is touching, there’s a lot of indirect speech about racism and sexism (indirect because it’s animals obviously). In the movies there are so many references, like to the godfather (that little italian mafia guy was very cute) and Breaking Bad (even I got Walter and Jesse in the lap even though I’ve never seen the show). And I realised Disney keeps up that Lemming thing (one following the other), which isn’t accurate, but it was very adorable still. When they buy those pawsicles (and the producing of them) was just too cute. Also Clawhauser reminded me so much of Tituss Burgess. Also, obviously I’m shipping Judy (who was spoken by lovely Ginnifer Goodwin) and Nick. The movie was very cute and un, but also had some strong and important messages, it’s just a great Disney movie.

Eddie the Eagle
I watched this movie only because I love Taron Egerton, but I missed it when it was in theaters. It#s always funny when you recognise the landsape and since I’ve been to both St. Moritz and Seefeld more than once. and I don’t know why, but I only get excited when I see places I know in movies or read about them. It’s reaööy moving (of course I was in tears), but it’s such a cute and lovely movie that is very inspirational and a lovely happy movie that made me feel good.

From the first James Bond with Daniel Craig to this one, he has grown to me a lot and I find him really attractive now as well. It’s funny how a view on a person you don’t know can still change over time. The Intro was so impressive, but then I was kind of disappointed by the movie. It could have been shortened a bit, in my opinion they stuffed a lot into that movie and those things did not go together to well. To me, it was too much and eventually I was left with so many strands of different stories, it kind of overwhelmed me. The good thing about that was that there were so many great actors, Christoph Waltz and Andrew Scott in a Bond movie are perfection, I would have liked to have Monica Bellucci (as well as Scott and Waltz [that sounds kind of cool together]) be more important, even though Madeleine was a pretty interesting and intense character. From all the movies I watched on the outward flight that one was the weakest.

Hateful Eight
Finally – finally – I managed to watch the new (ha ha, new, such a accurate description) Tarantino movie. Besides of those by Tarantino I don’t watch Western movies (unless you count Back To The Future 3), but this one was pretty good – I mean, I prefer the Tarantino movies with Uma Thurman/Christoph Waltz (you know fangirl reasons), but this one was good anyway. I really like that chapter thingof Tarantino and this movie also has quite a good twist. It’s bloody – another random information, I’m not a fan of movies that use a lot of blood unless it’s somewhat aesthetically pleasing/interesting (what a weird way to talk about blood, but just watch Crimson Peak and you get what I mean) – and very murderous. I think it’s a intense, good movie, but there are better Tarantino movies.

I started my journey to NY with Lily James and ended it with her too (not knowingly both times, only realising later). So, here’s the thing: I don’t like Cinderella’s story at all – I mean there are great adaptations, but in general no. So, of course, my reiew is really biased. Cinderella to me is the most unrealistic story character-wise. First Cinderella she’s such an unbelieveable do-gooder (don’t get me wrong, Snow White is too, but in a realistic, lovely way), so she is treated so badly but doesn’t do anything about it. I mean, I get it, you’re a good person, but honestly you’re pretty weak. And she’s portrait exactly like that (and the stepmom is sooo evil, but played by the incredible Kate Blanchett). Well, in the end it’s okay, but some scenes made me cringe and/or angry with Ella. The actors were amazing, the main characters just weren’t to me. Talking about characters – lovely Helena Bonham Carter was there and Sophie McShera (from Downton Abbey like Lily James). The costumes were so well made and I think they would have deserved the Oscar (instead of Mad Max). In general the set design and the animals was so fantastic, great job of the special effects team. The story wasn’t really my thing due to my difficulties with Cinderella, but the movie was good nevertheless.

Which movies did you watch recently?


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