Handmade Update June

So, for the time I’m in NYC, I prepared a few posts, this is the first one. I made quite a few things, but I think when I’m back from New York I might have a lot of time to sew. I work Thurday, Saturday and Sunday (and I supervisse homework for two hours on Monday), so I have a lot of time four days a week and I will try to sew enough clothing to wear something different every day of the year.

Coin Purse
Coin Purse
12th of June
For months I was looking for fabric and a clip for a coin purse – after all I did not have a wallet for almost a year, when I finally found one, I was incredibly happy. And I was also quite fond of the idea of using the fabric of my prom dress. I used this pattern here.

20s Prom Dress
20s Prom Dress
a few day of May + 12th of June
So, of course I had to finish my prom dress before prom and since I’m a lot into the 20s at the moment, I had to have a 20s inspired dress. It was mainly inspired by Phryne Fisher (watch the show, like really, it’s great!) and I got the lace at the ORAG house in Munich, it’+s so beautiful and dainty.

Heart Babydoll
14th of June
So, a day before I made this dress I went to buy fabric in a neat little shop I first visited on Saturday – even though it’s really nearby! Luckily I finally went inside, because they have great fabric and very different from the other fabric stores in Munich. Since I’ve always wanted a fabric with hearts I was really happy to have found this very pretty one. And I was in desperate need for another 60s minidress (this time a little wider at the hem).

Peach Confetti Two Piece
14th – 17th of June
This fabric seemed a bit African to me, but I don’t know. Anyway, I really like it, so I had to get it. I thought a two piece would be quite nice and I like the outcome, especially from the front, but I zhink the back of the top has to be a tad tighter.

Alice Sleeves
New Alice Sleeves
16th, 17th of June
For my Alice dress I finally made some appropriate, fluffy sleeves.

What did you recently sew or create?


7 thoughts on “Handmade Update June

  1. Uh ♥ als Clipbörsen Fanatikerin find ich deine supersüß :) Bei mir aufm Blog gibts übrigens auch ne Anöleitung wo ich erkläre wie du dir selber n Schnittmuster für jeden Taschenbügel machen kannst- ist aber ne simple Version und bei Pattydoo gibts Anleitungen wie man die bauchig machen kann, mit mehr Volumen usw.Nur so als Tipp für die Zukunft. Deine 20iger Sachen Liebe ich ja sehr, also ich mag alle deine Sachen aber siet ner Weile bin auch ich nach fifties schlussendlich bei twenties hängen geblieben, ganz große Liebe ♥
    Hach ich finde deine Sachen sehr entzücken dund freue mich auch imme rüber jedes Bild auf Instagram :) Liebe Grüße


    • Danke dir!
      Ja, Clipbörsen sind toll, die eignet sich super für meinen Alltag, weil ich nach meinem Gelbörsen Verlust in Venedig keinen dickes Portemonnaie mehr dabei haben will.
      Die Zwanziger sind echt klasse, ich hab ein paar Ideen, aber da muss ich mal nach Stoffen Ausschau, das ist mit 50s Novelty Prints einfacher.

      Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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