Praha – What I ate & bought

Praha Food & Bought stuff
I ate a lot in Prague, literally all the time, so obviously I did not manage to take pictures everytime, so this is what I took pictures of (part two are the things I got in Prague).

Praha Food
Saturday evening started with a Veggie Burger and Fries – sitting at the Moldau and enjoying a delicious meal was wonderful.

Breakfast usually was fruit or muesli at home, nothing special, just a fast little snack.
So, since on Sunday I only ate some fruit, I was really hungry and had to get something and I ate some trdelník with chocolate (it’s a yummy, traditonal pastry thing). Ate that one pretty fast as well, so I did not take a photo.
At lunchtime I ate grissini and tzatziki – very classic, I know.

Praha Food
At the John Lennon Pub I had sort of a baked apple with cranberries, cinnamon and caramell. So tasty.

And I ended that day with Thai noodles.

Praha Food
After breakfast the next morning, I had to get a chocolate éclair and a cup of Latte Macchiato with caramell.

Praha Food
About noontime I had another trdelník, even better than the first one.

Later on at Mysak I drank another Latte Macchiato and it was so delicious, literally one of the best cups of coffee I had.

Praha Food
Then, in the evening we went to the James Dean Diner where I had a gret Carmell Milkshake (this one is chocolate, just had to try it as well ;)).

Praha Food
Then I had a veggie burger yet again with fries – I was the only one of my friends that managed to eat all of it.

Praha Food
And two friends of mine and I shared a fantastic ice cream afterwards.

Praha Food
Praha Food
I also had two tasty raspberry lemonades.

Next morning my second breakfast (really turning into a Hobbit) was a Brownie, at Lunchtime I had a piece of pizza margherita. As a snack some grissini and in the evening spaghetti.

Praha Adams
At a English Bookshop at Kampa I got the thrid part of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and yet another edition (Book one and two are different editions as well)

Praha Broochpins
Those broochpins are pretty expensive at my local craftstore, but at Tiger I got seven small ones for 40 cK (not even two euros).

Praha Gifts
For my mum I got a little cat gingerbread, a Mucha reading mark for my friend Thyra and as always I had to get a kitsch magnet for my parents.

Praha Mucha
Mucha is super popular in Prague, so I got quite a few postcards – seriosuly, look him up, his art nouveau work is beautiful.

Praha Diner
I did not buy anything at the Diner as all the things were for free – luckily the waitress was friendly enough to let me take the dessert card.

Praha Shoes
I first saw those shoes on Monday when my best friend got shoes for prom and I tried them on for fun, but kind of enjoyed them and since they were not that expensive and I could not get over them, I had to buy them on Tuesday.

Praha Brooch
What can I say about that one – it’s like the Cheshire Cat, handmade and a brooch, that’s basically everything I need.

Have you been to Prague? What did you get and were did you eat?


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