diy – Oxfords (Upcycling Shoes)

diy Oxfords
Today I have another diy for you – finally. I mentioned my upcycled shoes here already and now I’m gonna share how I went. It’s really easy! And on other shoes news – I have been featured here on the IC homepage!

diy Oxfords
You need shoes (preferably faux leather), acrylic paint, brushes, satin ribbons, newspaper etc to paint on.

diy Oxfords
diy Oxfords
First you put some newspaper on the ground to keep your carpet from being painted as well. I used shoes that were already “oxford-ish”, so I only had to cover the upper part of the shoes in black paint. But you could of course paint that shape on the shoe without those applications. If you’re aristic you can also paint patterns like flowers or hearts. Let it dry for some time and replace the shoelaces with the satin ribbons. That alone makes shoes appear much cuter and really different!
diy Oxfords

diy Oxfords
From time to time you might have to repaint the shoes, but in general the acrylic paint stays quite well, so be careful not to paint something you don’t intend to.
diy Oxfords
I hope I could inspire you with that little diy and you might want to change up your shoes a little!


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