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Recently I did not manage to post anything, really. Mainly because I’m too lazy and play the Sims 3 – since all of my tests are done, I have a lot of time. (Though, I have a job I’ll soon tell you about.) I have so many ideas for posts, I try to work on them in the upcoming days. Today’s time for one of my favourite movies which I only know for a few months actually. But I watched this movie so many times in the last time, I had to post about it for the 30 years anniversary tomorrow.

The story itself is told pretty fast, it’s about a guy faking an illness and taking a day off. An amazing day. Watching this movie is so much fun, though, every little detail is fantastic – there are quite a few references to other John Hughes movies. And if you have watched Deadpool as well – the last scene always reminded my of Ferris, and they did indeed do that on purpose.

To me, this movies is not only about having fun, living a great day off school, but also about friednship. I love Ferris’ and Cameron’s friendship, to me this is a huge part of the movie. While Ferris is a bit selfish, his friend means a lot to him. My favourite scene of this movie is the following…

This is also the reason why I chose Twist And Shout as a prom song. Almost nobody will get that, but who cares?

Ferris is a wonderful MC, he isn’t perfect nor is he the loser nerd trope. So, he’s just a good, funny guy. The scenes when people in school talk about him are so much fun and so over the top.

I never had a real fake day off, when I went somewhere else – sometimes I pretened to be more sick then I was, but usually I was at least feeling a little off. Once I tried to bunk one class, but obviously I wasn’t lucky and had detention one hour before school started some days later. That was great.

Ferris obviously did much better and if I had had a great plan like him, it would have worked. I would love to have a day like this, even on the weekend, just so much fun. I guess I need a friend like Ferris. I mean, I’m not tight like Cameron, but still.
You could quote almost every single thing, because there’s sarcasm, entertainment and wise words, too.

I think the humor, the interesting stories and the characters usually sell me to 80s movies and his movie is strong on everything. I’m wouldn’t wear the clothing, but that doesn’t change the fact that their style is amazing – Ferris leopard waistcoat is pretty chic. ;)
And the way Matthew Broderick plays the character is fantasic, you really believe him and it seems so much fun – apparently (I don’t know whether it’s true or not) the scene above with the crowd going crazy wasn’t really staged, but the people did not know before this was part of a movie. He’s also damn attractive in this scene, but throughout the whole movie he’s just such a delightful, charismatic character.

I also really like Jeanie, Ferris’ sister, I was surprised to see Baby in another movie – well Jennifer Grey made that one before Dirty Dancing – and then making out with Charlie Sheen? What? He looked pretty hot, though. Anyway, I think she’s a great character to be added to that movie – she’s very different from her brother and a little bit of the villian, but she’s also pretty cute and strong-minded. A lot of the humurous scenes derive from her.

It’s alway pretty difficult for me to write about a movie I really love and have watched very often (same with Grease, Dirty Dancing, Alice…), without getting into the “Aww, this is so amazing, and that, and this as well.”. I really hope, I could get you to watch the movie tomorrow, if you haven’t yet and if you have: what do you like about the movie?


3 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | Fangirl Friday

    • It’s such a great movie, but to be honest, I prefer it the way it is. There is also the theory of this being a fever dream of Cameron, but really, it seems so depressing to me. It’s super interesting and somewhat realistic, but I love the friendship of popular Ferris and socially awkward/incompetent Cameron so much, I want it to be movie-real. If you know what I mean. (;


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