Handmade Update May

This month I had to do a lot of fixes and I really did fix things! Yay! Other than that I made a few things (finally made the petticoat!).

Space Planet Skirt
Planet Skirt
1st of May
The Outfit can be found here already. I just love the fabric.

5th, 7th (to shorten) of May
You know, I wanted to make a Petticoat last time, but I did not manage to do it, now I did it! And it’s so fluffy – you can see it underneath dresses in most of my current Insta posts.
The fabric: here (German website).

Movie Theater Cats Dress
Movie Theater Cats Dress
Movie Theater Cats Dress
16th, 17th of May
If this isn’t the cutest fabric, I don’t know! I’m excited to wear it to the movies!
The fabric: here. (Timeless Treasures Movie Theater Cats)

Upcycled Oxfords Shoes
Oxfords Upcycling
28th of May
I really wanted to upcycle these shoes to own some faux Oxford-ish pumps and I love how they turned out. There’ll be a tutorial up soon. (:

Tassel Garland
Tassel Garland
28th of May
Just a little decoration for my room (and look at my lovely glowing star!) made of tissue paper.

Wonderland Signs
Wonderland Signs
28th of May
Of course, I also needed a bit more Wonderland in my room (sorry for the bad lightning).

Cherry Headband
Cherry Headband
28th of May
Some weeks ago my mum found a similar headband online and since I already own a cherry skirt and minidress, she thought I had to get it. But since I still had some fabric left (I feel like I own an infinity amount of this fabric), I made it myself.

Fimo Figurines
28th and 29th of May
I also felt like making some fimo figurines again, so BB8, R2D2, Donald, a rose and brush (painting the roses red) and some Disney villians were it.

Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
29th of May
Then I decided to upcycle some ornaments in a wonderland style, but I’m not exacly happy – have to work at that.

20s Prom Dress WIP
20s Prom Dress – currently WIP
23rd to 27th of May
Actually I wanted to finish my 20s Prom Dress this month, but I did not finish it yet. I have to work on the sleeves a little bit (will take about a minute) and gather the sides as well, but other than that it’s done. So, you can have a first look. (:

What did you work on recently? What are your future plans?

13 thoughts on “Handmade Update May

  1. Der Planetenrock ist ja zauberhaft und auch der Katzenstoff gefällt mir sehr. Die Schuhe sind auch wirklich hübsch – was genau hast du an ihnen verändert?
    Bei dem Kirschband fällt mir ein, dass ich dich noch fragen bzw. dir sagen wollte, dass ich mich freuen würde, wenn du diesen Monat bei Gedankensplitter mitmachen würdest, insofern du was Passendes hast natürlich. Ich dachte irgendwie direkt, das Thema fruchtig würde zu dir passen. ;) Natürlich nur wenn dir was einfällt. :)
    Ach und ich habe eeeeendlich (nach über 10 Jahren) wieder was genäht! zwar bisher nur zwei Spucktücher/Wendehalstücher für meine Kleine, aber immerhin ist ein Anfang gemacht. :)
    Liebe Grüße!


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