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Queen of Hearts

Two days ago I went to see the new Alice movie – we were lucky, a cinema nearby had some sort of a pre-preview, so we could watch the movie a day before the official release date in Germany. As you probably know, Alice in Wonderland is my favourite book/movie/pop cultur thing and this movie was a wonderful addition to wide collection of Alice movies. I was in love with the first one (one of my first Tim Burton movies!) as well, even though it wasn’t at all like the book. So, I did not expect it to be like the book (the trailers also made that quite obvious) and of course it wasn’t.

There were a few scenes similar to the book and of course, most of the characters were based on Lewis Carroll’s, but other than that it was more of a Wonderland adventure than a adaptation, which is in no way a bad thing – we all know those terrible book to movie adaptations…
The story itself revolves mainly around Time who is – as we know from book and trailer – a he, there is quite a lot time travelling (yay!), talking about time and changing the past. So, be prepared for a lot of puns, especially when Time himself is found around the Mad Tea party. Obviously he is not amused. I think he’s supposed to be German (there were a few German words and the accent might have been German), probably because Germans are “always on time” (haha, you wish!). Either way he was a lovely, round character with understandable reasons for this actions.

I got really excited when I saw Andrew Scott listed among the actors on IMDb and even more when I saw the trailer. Unfortunately his appreance was really short and I wanted to see more of his wonderful acting as a mad doctor. In general the movie was pretty fast paced, so I wasn’t bored at any moment, but on the other hand some scenes were quite rushed through (but then again the movie is almost hours long, so … maybe they should have cut a few scenes and extended others instead). The story is pretty coherent nevertheless with a lovely ending that would make another movie possible, but not necessary.

What’s the matter?
The hatter’s the matter.
Or the matter of the hatter.
The former.
No, the latter.

I’m often pretty disappointed with the CGI, but I think in this one it was amazing. AMAZING. The colours are so beautiful and bright – I really want to live there (and I think they deserve an Oscar for the Visual Effects – or the costumes). And, oh my, the costums were so beautiful and detailed! I would have wished for Alice to wear a dress once, but her outfits were wonderfully creative nevertheless, especially the one with which she first enters Wonderland. But everyone wore really cute outfits – and makeup, that too of course. The Queen’s outfits were pretty cool as well, I mean, I love the big dress, but the pants with the cage (?) train are amazing.
Besides the costumes, the character design was simply great in general, Cheshire is such a cutie, especially as a little kitten. But then again, the whole sequence with the young characters was lovely – just look at the adorable Tweedledee and Tweedledum with their scarfes. But the young actors were really well choosen as well in my opinion.

I really wanted to own all those little animals and the seconds (basically looking like Ritter Rost, a German kid’s book character). The time machines were pretty cool as well, a little bit trashy, but I really liked them.
Not only is the movie really detailed visually, but also characterwise, you learn a lot about their origin, especially the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter. Helena Bonham Carter did a great job once more (but then, she just is a great actress). Mia was really sweet as well, like Helena she is a really good actress. The Alice in this movie is much stronger and a really cool character – I think she could be a great role model for kids. In general this movie has a good message (or even messages) about time and life – Alice’s mum and Time are particularly interesting here.

To me this movie was even better than the first one and not boring at all, my mum who does not know the Alice universe as well did like the movie, too, and could follow it without troubles. So, if you get the chance, check it out!


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