Mail Day #4 | Novely Jewellery & Fabric

Mail Day #4
It’s finally time for another Mail Day! Actually this would have been a Fangirl Friday, but I did not manage to write a post (short update: I binge watched Teen Wolf and am nowup to date + I’m currently watching The Flash, both pretty amazing). Instead, I post what I got in the mail recently. Those things did not arrive on the same day, but within a few days. Since I’m going to post about brooches very soon anyway, I’ll only talk about the shipping and package now.

Mail Day LittleMoose
Mail Day LittleMoose
Mail Day LittleMoose Octopus
Mail Day LittleMoose Mountains
Mail Day LittleMoose Alpaca
Mail Day LittleMoose Leopard
Little Moose
Alpaca Brooch | Mountain Brooch | Octopus Necklace | Leopard Necklace
Mum and I ordered from Little Moose when they had their May Sale (20 % off – yeah!). The shipping is really fast, I did not even take a week from the UK to Germany and the shipping is pretty affordable. The packaging was save, they used as little plastic wrapping as possible, so I’m pretty pleased.

Mail Day Movie Theater Cats Fabric
WickedCACrafts on etsy
Movie Theater Cats Fabric
Usually shipping from the US and Australia is pretty expensive for me and especially when I was looking for fabrics that put me off a few times, but this was only about 10 € (compared to up to 40/50 €). And it arrived super fast – one week from California to Germany is incredible. The prize of the fabric was fine and the material is such a soft cotton with a great (meaning high quality) print by Timeless Treasures.

Mail Day AnnTiki
Mail Day AnnTiki
Save Ferris Brooch
The shipping here was fast as well, two weeks from Australia to Europe (with some holidays in between) is what I consider fast. The international shipping is pretty expensive, but Ann (she’s super friendly and kind) explained to me why. The prize for the brooch was fine and the package as well (very little use of plastic – yay!).

Mail Day HungryDesigns
Mail Day HungryDesigns
Mail Day HungryDesigns
Mail Day HungryDesigns
Harley Quinn Brooch | Marie Antoinette with a Bird Cage Brooch
The shipping was a bit slower than the shipping of the above (two days ;)), but we all know about customs and all that jazz – the shipping cost on the other hand is on the cheaper side. The packaging was safe and as always Amanda packaged it so cute, using stickers, including a postcard and lovely buisness card.

If you buy novelty jewellery, what are your favourite shops?


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