Captain America: Civil War | Fangirl Friday

I did in no way plan on watching this movie, I’m actually more into DC (though, I love Loki and Spiderman), but my friends suggested the movie and I haven’t been to the cinema in months, so… To be honest I don’t really get why everyone in bashing Batman v Superman and praising this. To me this was a weird movie with a lot of unnecessary stuff to it. And not my kind of weird. A cute (but really unnecessary for the plot) Spiderman and a fantastic Daniel Brühl could not deceive me into thinking that the movie was practically perfect in every way.

First the plot was kind of lost from time to time, though it would have been good (you know the card Kronk holds up in The Emperor’s New Groove? it’s like that). So, they really could have shortend the movie, the first hour or so (before Antman, Hawkeye and Spidey made it fun) was rather boring. Spiderman himself is the right amount of smartass and insecure and I really like that, I think Tom Holland did a great job. He’s quite cute, I don’t mind the replacement , but he as much as many other characters was really unnecessary (I get why they let him appear now, as I guess it helps to make people accept the new Spidey and stops them from boykotting the movie).
To me the special effects were pretty bad, but I guess that’s just me. While I could have spared he stressed hits (I found them really annoying), I would not have mided a bit more music, especially during fighting scenes. By the way, I was Team Iron Man all the way, Caps priorities are extremely questionable to me and his obsession with Bucky does not help (when will they end up together? Caps kissing scene was so weird btw).
As always the Russian guys were the bad guys, though Daniel Brühl was really great (as I expected him to be). Then there was this super weird “Russian Voodoo” (that’s what I call it in my mind) crap that neither really seemed Russian to me, nor made any sense at all. And what also bugged me was that there were German special police forces in Bukarest and then they get back to Germany (Berlin, I guess) in – what? – two hours. By car. That’s so incredibly unrealistic and it really annoyed me.
What was actually fun, was the Stan Lee Cameo and as I mentioned before Antman, Hawkeye and Spidermanhad some fun things to say. After about an hour action and plot started to kick in, but all in all it wasn’t that much better than BvS.


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