The New Girl In Town

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

This post is not about moving and dealing with the new enviroment – I only moved once as a kid, but only to the house next to the old house. So, no new enviroment, also I was only about two, so no memories either. The title is a hint at Hairspray. Usually I talk about bad things, self-consciousness and people’s aversion against this or that (mainly certain clothing obviously), but today I feel like writing about one of my favourite eras, the sixties.
Of course, my view on the sixties, as I did not live back then, is rather glorified. But, without a doubt, you can say that the clothing was beautiful and amazingly diverse. From swing dresses in the early years to short dresses not as fitted. Same with hair and makeup. I love both, the sassy, short hair and the good ol’ beehive (which is besides the poodle the only thing about long hair I miss occassionaly). I mean, I have my problems with 60s Twiggy, but her makeup is beautiful. Mine is not inspired by her in any way, I just felt like an eccentric makeup. The dress is inspired by her and the general, typical Sixties style indeed.
My favourite midcentury starlet is Doris Day, as you might already know, and she her Sixties movies are such feel-good movies and she is simply adorable. Just look her up and have a peak at the pictures, of course, her life was far from perfect for her, but still, those images are lovely.

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

But my passion for this decade is not only due to the fashion, but mainly to the political and social movements of women and minorities (just think I have a dream, hippies or the sexual revolution). We all know, I have really like feminism and especially in Hairspray the time is shown as very fond of embracing your body. That’s also what I love about the movie, as it is featuring both racial and sexual discrimination and the fight against it. (Plus there are wonderful musical acts and dresses.)
To me, the 60s are the years of feminism – fighting for equality, the unimportance of the length of a skirt. I feel like we could all need a bit of this revolutionary spirit even now – as things sure as hell aren’t equal for everyone. And we should most definitely change that.

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town

Dress – handmade | Bolero – Collectif (old) | Stockings – Falke | Shoes – bait footwear | Sewing Machine Brooch – deer arrow | Earrings – I don’t know unfortunately, but they can be found at steampunk stores

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