Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Fangirl Friday

Last Friday the new season of Kimmy Schmidt was released on Netflix and seriously, I was so excited when I heard about it. So, of course, I started binging it immediately. If you haven’t heard of this series, I’ll just sum it up.
Kimmy is one of four women who a sect leader kept in a bunker for 15 years. Instead of trying to return to her old life, Kimmy goes to NYC where she lives with Titus and Lillian. The series also features Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski and it really has that 30 Rock charme.

But I already did something today!

I can’t resist this Intro, I always sing along!

Numbers – the most boring of all the shapes!

I included a few quotes, most of them are by Titus, who is such a wonderful, hilarious character. But, to be honest, almost all of the dialogues are fun to listen to. I guess, you get even more quotes if you grew up in the 90s (or are really into 90s pop culture), but it’s amusing either way. Personally, I don’t watch Sitcoms on a regular basis, I watch Big Bang every once in a while and I saw every episode of HIMYM (and 30 Rock of course), but to me Tina Fey Sitcoms always have that certain something – they are quite quirky and weird. I think that’s amazing – and Tina Fey’s apperances in the show are great, she play two different characters (one in each season) and they are really weird and socially awkward people.

Is Kate Blanchett good or is she just tall?

There are many plays on words and references – not only on the 90s, also on 2015/2016 on today. The Dr Dave and dyziplen episode are very tongue in cheek, especially with Tina Fey’s character wearing a shirt promoting dyziplen later on. There are also a lot of music references – there’s a whole episode featuring songs with changed lyrics that match the scenes and I had to laugh a lot. And Titus’ singing scenes are adorable and I want him to become a musical artist and have a part in The Lion King. Lillian is so fun and cute – and similar to Jane’s role in 30 Rock Jacklyn is a crazy out-of-this-world egocentric, yet somewhat loveable and good person. Kimmy’s happy place has this Tarantino feel to it, with the destroyal and all that and I liked the mash of arts. Another favourite of mine are Kimmy’s cloths, her shirts featuring various animals and hearts. The bee blouse, the fox shirt and the cat jumper are so adorable, I want to wear them myself.

I was trying to have fun and then I made everything weird, ’cause I’m weird.

Kimmy herself is a great, independent and strong woman and I can identify with her in a way. Her journey is interesting and fun to follow – maybe the second season is even better than the first one was. There truly are little to no downs, it’s just a fun show, but featuring a strong and cute female lead (e.g. I’m not a fan of Jess in New Girl who might be described like that), who is really likeable.
But, in general, all of the characters are and they are also wonderfully different and dotty – and quite a few of the actors are actually from 30 Rock.

Kimmy, I don’t know what to say. So I’m hoping that the tone of my voice makes you think that I do, okay, sweetie?

I’m so excited for the upcoming season, meanwhile I watch old episodes again.
It’s incredibly enjoyable (if you like 30 Rock, you might like that as well) and definitely underrated. I also think about doing a post on underrated posts in the near future – what series do you feel need more attention?


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