Batman v Superman | Fangirl Friday

Initially I did not plan on watching BvS, but eventually I went to see it with my bestie, mainly because we had vouchers (and for her due to Superman, for me Wonder Woman). So, Monday we watched BvS.

To be honest I was pretty biased concerning Ben Affleck as Batman, you know the stories and Christian Bale was a fine Batman – though I like Michael Keaton better, and George Clooney was pretty fun, to be honest (but that movie features Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, so it had a plus from the begining). Well, anyway, I think Affleck is a great Batman, I like the new turn on the character. To me, Batman is much more likeable like that (even though I love the comics, movies, and most characters of the Batman Universe), I’m not fond of himself, but the Affleck-Batman got to me. As I said, I was prejudiced, so that really says a lot. And Wayne’s wardrobe was so fancy and wonderful, the blue waistcoat was so chic (I tell everybody about this waistcoat, I’m slightly obsessed) – I think he his wardrobe was a lot better then Clark’s.
The Lois and Clark scenes had me cringing a lot, I did not feel their chemistry at all, and I was annoyed by Lois all the time – in my opinion she was unnecessary. Clark/Superman was likeable, but (while actually being Team Wonder Woman) I did not like him as much. Wonder Woman was amazing, even though she had very little screentime, so I was kind of disappointed, though I think her costume both as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, I liked the details on her dresses pointing to her being Wonder Woman. Jesse Eisenberg was a rather unexpected turn on Lex Luther, I’d say (I always had Kevin Spacey in my mind’s eye). He was pretty amazing, though, wonderfully mad and pretty interesting.
The movie itself was too long in my opinion – if it’s not a Tarantino movie more than 2 hours are usually too long (the movie is 152 minutes long…). Even though there was a lot of character developement (although a bit like in those RomCom where talking would have solved everything), they basically used a lot of action to cover a decent, but small story. Especially the Kid-Bruce scenes weren’t needed – everyone knows the story and both me and bestie could not stand the kid at all.
All in all it was a good movie, much better than I expected, though a bit to long in my opinion. Even more excited to watch Suicide Squad now! Did you see the movie?

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