London Day One






On the first day we went to Camden, it was loud and colourful and I saw amazingly dressed people (and the tea party of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), I have heard Camden was much less “tourist-y”, but it wasn’t that different last year [here and here]. Covent Garden was nice, but extremly crowded and there were loads of street performers.
We then went to the National Portrait Gallery, due to the prize of the Vogue Exhibition we decided not to visit it, though. So we only went to the shop – a good shop is one of the most important things of a good museum, we all know that. Nearby the National Portrait Gallery you find Any Amount of Books, a cute second hand bookstore with hundreds of old books.





Walking through Soho, China Town and Oxford Street, we came by (planned, of course) Carnaby Street and the lovely Irregular Choice Shop. It’s so wonderful and the staff is literally so inspiring clothingwise. If you get to London, just check out the IC shop. We also went to the Cloth Store, a cute fabric Store, the prints aren’t special or unusual, so I did not find anything, but it’s a nice store nevertheless. As I said in the haul we also went to the Disney store on Oxford Street and it’s so wonderful and beautiful. You’ll go out poor, but happy. Hamleys on the other hand was terrible in my opinion, loud, crowded and not for people who are slightly anxious of crowds.


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9 thoughts on “London Day One

  1. Wenn ich deinen Post lese, kriege ich direkt Fernweh! Ich fand London toll, besonders den Camden Market. Wir haben dort Stunden verbracht und trotzdem dauernd neue Sachen entdeckt!


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