Handmade Update March

Another month is other again. I don’t know but it feels like time goes by faster and faster. Well, March was productive nevertheless. The first half especially, the second half not as much due to being in London and studying Maths. Well, that’s what I made.

Carnation Crown
Carnation Flower Crown
3rd of March
I found the flowers at Ikea (about 0.70/0.80 € each) and considered them just perfect for a flower crown.

Harlequin Shorts
Harlequin Shorts
1st, 4th, 5th of March
I tried to sew pants with this fabric twice, but it did not work at all. AT ALL. So, I decided on Shorts. They aren’t perfect either, but the fit rather well (waist could be tighter) and I came up with the suspenders, inspired by the Collectif Clothing shorts with suspenders.

Polkadot Dress
Red Polka Dot Dress
6th, 8th of March
Inspired by my favourite fashion icon Chuck Charles, I made this dress which was a lot of fun to make and the fabric is so soft you wouldn’t believe it. The only problem is that it is a little too wide around the bust area so I have to fix that soon before it’s warm enough to wear the dress.

Rose Crown
Rose Flower Crown
11th of March
These wonderful, slightly velvet rose flowers were found at Butlers and I find them just amazing, Meli Hotaru wore similar ones here and since I saw them I wanted a crown of red roses.

Blood Choker
Blood Choker
8th, 12th of March
This might be a bit macabre, but when seeing breedingunicorns wear similar ones, I wanted a choker for myself. Not sure when to wear them yet, but I will one day.

Light Rose Crown
Light Rose Crown
12th of March
Flower crowns were the main theme of my handmade things this month. I got these flowers at idee and think they will make agreat accessoire this spring.

Cherry Minidress
Cherries 60s Minidress
11th, 12th of March
The second weekend of March was incredibly good for sewing, so I made this Minidress. Short Sixities dresses are a lot of fun to make and wear and I love that. The cut is a very simple, so unless you make a wrong seams (as I did and then had to rip the seams and sew again) it’s the fastest little dress you can imagine.

Tea Dress
Tea Party Dress
13th of March
After that I had to make this dress. I had to fix a few things after sewing it (and the lining of the sleeves should not be seen, but it wasn’t ironed back then). I love the ruffle and the novelty print of this dress. Now, about the fabric, I found it for 3.99 € at Karstadt and was like yes, I will get that. But I thought about half an hour if I should take it or not, because there was some sort of film, like waxed cotton has – it seems to be made for table cloths. Well, that did not stop me and eventually (it has been washed twice now) the film was remove. I’m awfully glad I got it.

Morpheus/Blood Girl with cloak
Morpheus/Blood Girl with cloak
6th, 8th, 27th of March
Finally, almost at the end of the month I finished this watercolour painting. The character is inspired by a character (Morpheus) of a story of mine and Mia Wasikowska in Crimson Peak, and, you know, somewhat bloody characters in general.

27th of March
I also created a new Header, Blog-Icon and watermark as a cup fits the name of the blog a lot better. And there are new buttons for the categories on the right.

What did you create this month?


4 thoughts on “Handmade Update March

  1. I love the new category buttons, very sweet :) and I’m so impressed with your tea party dress! The ruffles are such a cute addition, and wonderfully creative :)


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