Rock the Kasbah | Fangirl Friday

I think the movie was released in the US in October or so, but as it is with most movies, it waas released months later here. Yesterday, to be exact. Critics were harsh, but it had Bill Murray in it, so I had to go see for myself.

And I’m glad I did, to me the movie was pretty good. Not Good Morning, Vietnam or Groundhog Day good, but still a fine movie. I think the main problem was the cutting. The scenes did mismatch rather often and things that would have explained following scenes/actions were missing. Therefore the movie seemed a little surreal to me.
You know, I’m not that much of a war movie fan, but I think that one did a good job, it eyed the topic rather differentiated and showed more than one side. The story of the girl was touching, yet as I said before the cutting made it kind of weird as well.
Bill Murray way great as always, but I don’t think the movie used all of his potential. Kate Hudson on the other hand was just amazing, she really surprised me (I had not seen a movie with her in ages, maybe never), she played her part pretty well and her character was kind of interesting as well. I think the movie was cast pretty well, from the Americans to the Afghans, the girl was a good choice as well (though I think it was playback?) and what she said seems quite likely to be said by her (as a girl going to this show). Some of the scenes were surprisingly feminist as well.
The combination of war and comedy was well executed in my opinion, not too forced, anyway.
It was a good movie, maybe not as good as Suffragette or The Danish Girl, but about a 3.5, I’d say.

(I might add a little more tomorrow)


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