Suffragette | Fangirl Friday

Almost two weeks ago (last Sunday of February) I went to see Suffragette in the cinema. I mean, I obviously had to watch it, it’s a topic the interests me a lot. Unfortunately the movie was released only recently in Germany.

I was super excited to watch the movie – from the moment I first heard of it, I wanted to go to the cinema and watch Suffragette. The topic itself is really fascinating and I think the movie did a good job portraying a part of the movement. It’s so disturbing to see the way people reacted to the womens’ wish to vote, especially the way women reacted to the Suffragettes. It’s crazy, but of course I knew that before. I still had to cry a few times (mainly because of anger). The story itself, based on real events, is well chosen in my opinion and fast paced, yet focusing on smaller details just as well. I found it pretty interesting to see a woman (Maud) get into the fight for womens’ rights and the things she has to leave behind. It showed various sides of the womens’ lifes and the things they explained about their lifes (wage etc.) was so infuriating.
Since I go to London on the 18th of March I looked up the Ellyn chemist, but it’s not a real chemist unfortunately. I loved the idea nevertheless. Personally I’m slightly ashamed to admit I had not heard of Emily Davison before, but now I’m trying to read a lot about her and the feminist/suffragette movement in the UK.
About the actors (actresses mainly, though) – there was Helena Bonham Carter, so I was very delighted. I just think she is a great actress and one of my all time favourites – and her character was so wonderful. Carey Mulligan was amazing as well, she portrayed Maud perfectly and realist, and so did everybody else.
What I really liked as well was the scenery and the way it was recorded – and of course the dresses. It was so well done, also supported by a good choice of subtle music (and more dramatic in some scenes).
It’s a great, tenderly detailed movie with a perfect cast, that made me think and anger. So, I really recommend it!


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