Handmade Update February

Today is time for another round up of the stuff I made in February. Since school is quite stressful at the moment, I don’t manage to post as often as I want – and it might be more difficult in the next couple of weeks – A-Levels are over in June, then everything will be wonderful!
Also: I will answer the replys to my Internal Crisis post soon, thanks for your responses!

Harlequin Petepan Collar
Harlequin Peter Pan Collar
3rd of February
After making one for Thyra I wanted one for myself

Coemetic Bag Aida
Cosmetic Bag
5th of February
A good friend asked me if I could make her a cosmetic bag and of course I made her one.

Harley Quinn Outfit
Harley Quinn Pants
Harley Quinn Leggings
5th and 6th February
It’s 92 % Polyester (somesort of satin), but super comfy. And I mean, I really needed Harley leggins. Wearing them I feel very badass and a bit mischievous.

Harley Quinn Top
Harley Top
6th of February
And I will wear them with the top when watching Suicide Squad! I might get the chance to take pictures in a more or less left wing of a hospital.

Sweets Bows
Sweets Bows
12th of February
Made one for an Instagram friend and one for myself.

10th to 13th, 28th of February
The pattern was easy to make, the fabric was a pain in the ass :D Also if I look like I fell out of bed in these pictures, it was about nine o’clock on Sunday morning.

What did you create recently?


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