Deadpool | Fangirl Friday

After seeing Deadpool I was kind of disappointed. It was a good movie, but after everybody telling me it was sooo good, it expected more. I think the trailer already showed the best scenes, so it was a bit ore promising than the movie turned out.
But it was a lot better than many of the recent Marvel movies, so the mocking was quite fun. While I didn’t need the cheesy, romantic stuff, I think the action scenes were quite good, bloody and sometimes a bit gross, but good. I might have to read the comics now. The music was very well choosen, I’d say, I mean Wham!, yes please.
My favourite scene was when Deadpool created his Super”hero” costume – I mean, come on, a sewing Marvel character plus showing how a costume is created – I mean how did the Avengers come up with their costumes? I also loved the scenes with Ellie/Negasonic Teenage Warhead – for one she’s so pretty and she’s such a kickass. And to be honest – Deadpool was more of a cliché teenager than her. He was fun nevertheless, Ryan Reynolds did a good job and I’m actually glad he could convince Marvel to give the nod. Back to the female characters, most of them were quite strong and emancipated. The fighting scenes were also very balanced, man/woman wise. Other then that I also considered Weasel quite fun.
So, it was an easy, fun movie, better than a lot of recent superhero movies and with fabulous female characters, but I expected a little bit more.


3 thoughts on “Deadpool | Fangirl Friday

  1. Hey there,
    I was in that movie on valentines day because come on- if you’re 2000 kilometers away from your dearie there has to be some blood involved on that special day… And honestly: I never saw the trailer. NEVER. Maybe that was why enjoyed the movie so much… I loved the way they filmed. The montage, the camera angles, the special effects… I liked the whole package and yes, Ellie is indeed somehow beautiful. Not the classic beauty but intriguing nevertheless… Thanks for posting the trailer and reminding me to look the music up ;)
    Greetings from Riga, Mary


    • Hi Mary,
      hehe, that’s true!
      True, the filming was fantastic, very intense in a way and highly enjoyable.
      Yeah, that’s right, a different kind of beauty.
      Greetings ♥


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