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Actually, I already finished the first season of Gotham in January, but I did not manage to talk about it on the blog yet. I try to stay as spoiler-free as possible.

I went into Gotham without any knowledge about the series at all – well, besides the fact, that it was a DC series taking place in the youth of Batman. Actually it’s about Jim Gordon, the detective, investigating cases in and around Gotham. It’s a very mafia-like series and I enjoy that – I’m not a fan of these standart crime series, I like those with a twist.

And it’s so interesting to see a variant of the origin stories of the characters of the Batman universe. Also, I usually don’t like Batman/Bruce himself, really, I like almost anybody in the Batman universe (or at least find them interesting, but Bruce, I don’t know…) – now, here’s the but: he’s very likeable in Gotham. A well portrayed kid, strong and torn between revenge and moral. Selina/Catwoman is just as storng, but more sure of what she wants to do than Bruce. Her outfit is fantastic, the steampunk elements are great for Catwoman, I think. And she’s so wonderfully kickass. Also, I wish there were more scenes with Poison Ivy, because she is one of my favourite DC characters. Jim, the MC himself, is a wonderful MC in my opinion, he’s a good, moral person and struggling with the city, the corruption, the murder, the mayhem. His struggles are very relatable and you want him to be successful with his actions, everything he does so understandable. Still, I also like his partner, though he’s much more involved in the crimes Gotham/Jim has to fight. So is Barbara, I think this is what makes their relationship so interesting – though I don’t really like it. Getting to the criminals/villians, the mafia dons are somewhat perfect, interesting and even though they are of course evil in a way. Fish Mooney was not know to me before, but she’s a well developed charcater and I think her differences with Penguin (whom I found interesting in other Batman stories and also liked here) add a lot to the story. But to my favourite character is the Nygma, I think is so adorable and I love the riddles – I think the slide towards madness is quite well done and I have to admit, I might like him even more after that.

So much about the characters, I already told you about the concept of the episodes. There is a lot of madness and change going on. They portray the characters and the developments in a pretty amazing way – and since there are varying stories about the characters’ origins I don’t mind them differing from ones I’ve heard before.

Gotham Harley

So, Gotham brought me back to watching DC movies and reading comics – I haven’t really comics before, I only read a few graphic novels, comic strips and a few of the stories of Donald Duck. Now, that I have to do a lot for school and read set text for school, it’s very relaxing in the evening. Here is a review for Harley Quinn and here is one for Hush. I watched Batman Forever and Batman & Robin in the last couple of days and whilst Batman Forever was quite like a skit, Batman & Robin was actually a good movie. And Uma Thurman is a wonderful Poison Ivy, she’s kind of perfect for this role.

Gotham Harley

It’s actually very sad that there is no movie that really features Harley Quinn (well, Suicide Squad will be release this year and there are the animated series), because I really like her, I think she’s a pretty interesting person. So, I got inspired by her to make a pair of leggings and a top (you’ll see it at the end of the month). Besides her I really like the Riddler and Posion Ivy – to be honest I only consider the latter a real villain, both Harley and the Riddler have this obsessive manner, but they are both slightly incapable of really succeeding due to their own fault. Anyway, I grew attached to them. By the way – why is there no Gotham Nygma Funko Pop, I want one! And I’m currently waiting for the Seina figurine. So, today I only got a few Harley pictures for you – hope you don’t mind.
Who are your favourite characters of the DC (or only the Batman) universe? And do you watch Gotham?


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