Stories in Time and Space | Fangirl Friday

Some time ago I decided to start a new series on this blog – Fangirl Friday. I guess, this name is already used by someone in the universe, but I don’t really mind, as it is such a nice alliteration. Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep this series up and post every single friday, but I’ll try my best. This series has quite a wide range – from reviews of movies and books to Tags and Thoughts.

Stories in Time and Space

Recently I’ve been into SciFi literature a lot. I mean, I’ve always been interested in space and stars and astronomy. Actually, I’d love to study astronomy, but physics and I just don’t work out, so that’s kind of a no-no. But, nevertheless I love stories that take place in the galaxy or on far away planets, so within the last week I enjoyed those stories a lot. Let’s talk about them.

Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson
This graphic novel started my little SciFi/Space Stories obsession again. I went into it without knowing anything about the book or the author. The story was rather simple, but nice and the charcters were just adorable – what’s not to love about a panicky chicken? The art is very well done and sweet, so besides a few flaws, it was a nice read.

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5) by Marissa Meyer
You know, I love the Lunar Chronicles, so of course I had to read Levana’s story as well. I was quite surprised I liked it as much – especially the lunacy and obsession of Levana. I did not get very close to the characters, but they very round and interesting.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, #1) by Douglas Adams
Hitchhiker’s Guide was part of my childhood. I listened to the audio book of the first two stories all the time when driving somewhere with my dad. So nostalgia factor plus great humour equals 42. Or one of the best books in my opinion.

Stories in Time and Space
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I think I’ve been into Sci Fi since I was a little girl – you know, kids stories and this stuff. Also, glittery things and stars were so fascinating to me – whenever they talked about shooting stars on the radio, I always stayed up – but I never saw one sadly. It took me some while to get into Star Trek and Star Wars. But now I always get shivers when hearing a melody from Star Wars. The new episode was one of the few movies I watched in a cinema shortly after it came out. And I loved it so, so much. I loved every minute of the movie (well, not every, there were tragic/traumatic scenes), the characters, obviously, and the scenery. Also it seemed more witty to me than the others did. And it brought a new crush to the endless list: Poe. 💖

What are your favourite Sci Fi books and movies?

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