Recap of 2015 & Plans for 2016


  • bought my first Vintage dress | erstes Vintage Kleid gekauft [here]
  • weekend in Seefeld | Wochenende in Seefeld [here]

Handmade Butterfly Blouse [here]
Outfits Rose in the Snow [here]
Books The Hobbit, Zurück nach Hollyhill, Verliebt in Hollyhill
TV Supernatural
Exhibitions Female Artists around 1900 | Künstlerinnen um 1900


  • went to the White Rabbit Room Café | war im White Rabbit Room Café

Handmade cosmetic bag [here], butterfly circle skirt & rose shorts [here], Fimo Figures [here]
Books Töchter des Mondes Schicksalsschwestern, Die gepflegten Neurosen der Mademoiselle Claire
TV even more Supernatural
Cinema Into the Woods (very good, loved Rapunzel’s prince, humorous, wicked | sehr gut, mochte Rapunzels Prinz sehr, humorvoll, böse)
Obsessions Myer Briggs IMBT, charm bracelet | Bettelarmband [here]


  • went to London for a week | war für eine Woche in London [here & here]

Handmade key bag [here], strawberry skirt [here], grey skirt [here], fimo figures [here]
Books The Fellowship of the Ring, Spätes Tagebuch, Moriarty, The Two Towers
Theater The Woman in Black, Billie Elliot, Wicked
Exhibitions a few museums in London, especially Tate Modern (Dorothea Tanning is amazing!), Sherlock Holmes Museum


  • went to the Gardasee for a few days | ein paar Tage am Gardasee [here]
  • first time showing my face on the blog | erstes Mal Photos mit meinem Gesicht auf dem Blog [here]

Handmade Bows [here]
Outfits Strawberries [here]
TV Pushing Daisies, Lost in Austen
Cinema Kingsman (witty, singular, unconvenient, likeable characters, non romantic | humorvoll, ungewöhnlich, unkonventionell)
Obsessions Babycham shoes [here]


  • Beauty Swap with Irma [here]
  • first brooch from deer arrow | erste deer arrow Brosche [here]

Handmade Typography [here], strawberry skirt, skirt for my mum and little packaging [here], bird skirt, key bag [here], yellow polka dot skirt [here]
Outfits I’m singing and dancing in the rain [here], Haven’t met you yet [here]
Books Noah
Cinema Avengers (pretty good, loved Quicksilver, a little stilted | ziemlich gut, hab Quicksilver geliebt, etwas gekünstelt), Big Eyes (good movie, Amy Addams was superb, it’s Tim Burton!, marvellous artist | guter Film, Amy Addams war grandios, Tim Burton eben!, fabelhafte Künstlerin)
Theater Singin’ in the rain (twice, fabulous, beautiful costumes | zwei Mal, fabelhaft, sehr schöne Kostüme)
Exhibitions James Rizzi
Obsessions Funko


  • a day in Augsburg with Tanja and Mum, museum for textils and buying fabric | eine Tag ein Augsburg mit Tanja und meiner Mutter, im Museum für Textilien und Stoffe kaufen [here]

Handmade Glitter Shoes [here], Tiki skirt, top & bird skirt [here], yellow polka dot blouse [here], umbrella skirt & sweets dress [here]
Outfits Cherries & Fountains [here], Dainty & Though [here]
Books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, The Giving Tree, The Importance of Being Earnest, Tante Inge haut ab
TV Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time


  • a few days in Berlin | einige Tage in Berlin
  • first time at the amazing hairdresses Pony & Kleid to get a pixie cut | erstes Mal bei dem großartigen Friseur Pony & Kleid, um einen Pixie Cut zu bekommen

Handmade Minnie Mouse Skirt, Cherry Dress & Paisley Skirt [here], Pink Skirt Dress [here]
Outfits Tea Pots, Polka Dots & Augsburg [here], Minnie Mouse [here], Chuck Charles [here]
Books The Wizard of Oz, The Help, The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Cinema Traumfrauen (good for a German movie, but cheesy | gut für einen deutschen Film, aber kitschig)
Theater Bussi (fun, 80s, amazing costumes | spaßig, 80er, tolle Kostüme)


  • a bit more than a week in Cavallino, Venice and Jesolo | etwas mehr als eine Woche in Cavallino, Venedig und Jesolo [here]
  • two weeks in Hamburg for an internship | zwei Wochen in Hamburg für ein Praktikum [here]

Handmade Red and White Striped Dress & Violet Dress [here]
Outfits Cherries, Pearls and Red Lips [here], Anchors all over [here], Violet and Orange [here]
Books Cinder, Scarlet, Alice in Zombieland, Cress, Through the Zombie Glass, The Queen of Zombie Hearts


  • the last days in Hamburg | die letzten Tage in Hamburg
  • visited Thyra’s new home | habe Thyra in ihrem neuen Haus besucht
  • last first day of school | letzter erster Schultag

Handmade Peter Pan Collar Dresses & Mushroom Twinset [here], Chair Cover [here]
Outfits Paisley in Venice [here], Yeah, not on schedule [here], A sweet tooth for sweet dresses [here], the one time I didn’t wear a dress [here], What I did in Hamburg (besides constantly having trouble with my hair) [here], Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust [here]
Books The Lightning Thief, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
TV Supernatural (Season 9)
Cinema Life (amazing Biopic, fantastic James Dean impression of Dane DeHaan | sehr gutes Biopic, fantastische James Dean Darstellung von Dane DeHaan)
Theater Phantom of the Opera
Exhibitions Gaultier


  • called a few companies for the first time | hab zum ersten Mal ein paar Betriebe angerufen
  • found 50s sewing magazines at the Dult | habe 50er Nähmagazine auf der Dult gefunden
  • a weekend in Meersburg & Mainau | ein Wochenende in Meersburg & Mainau [here & here]

Handmade Fox Skirt, Black Dress and Christmas Dress [here]
Outfits Red As Blood. White As Snow. Black As Ebony. [here], Liz Lemon is my spirit animal | The brooch and the story. [here], Feeling fancy | Back to the Future [here], Pigeonholing. [here], Holly Golightly gone mad (or dead) [here]
Books Bossypants, Schönbär und Nonne, Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Cinema Crimson Peak (great, partly gruesome, perfect chemistry between the fantastic actors | großartig, teils gruselig, perfekte Chemie zwischen fantastischen Schauspielern), Back to the Future Triple Feature (A-MA-ZING)
Theater Nathan the Wise (I love the Ring Parable and it was very well played) | Nathan der Weise (ich liebe die Ringparabel und es war sehr gut gespielt)
Exhibitions Egypt Museum | Ägyptisches Museum
Obsessions brooches [here], Vendula Box Bag [here]


  • a day in Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenschwangau castle | ein Tag in Hohenschwangau, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Schloss Hohenschwangau [here]
  • submitting of my seminar paper | Abgabe der Seminararbeit

Handmade Toile Dress & Winter Fox Skirt [here]
Outfits my happy place is a dress [here]
Books Winter, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories
Theater Chitti Chitti Bang Bang (fun, but not as mesmerising | lustig, aber nicht so fesselnd), Netzwelt (modern, but quite good | modern, aber recht gut)
Obsessions Vendula Snowflake Bag [here], oranges and cream [here], Tsum Tsums [here]


  • Vintage Market, bought a Vintage dress | Vintage Markt, habe ein Vintage Kleid gekauft [here]
  • went to Salzburg for a day and my Bestie got me a lovely Disney Alice brooch | war mit meiner besten Freundin in Salzburg und habe eine süße Disney Alice Brosche bekommen

Handmade Blue Vintage Dress & 60s Minidress with Daisies [here], Hair Clip [here], Fairy Dress & Velvet Pencil Dress [here]
Outfits Elfie Selfie [here], Have a Holly Jolly Christmas [here], Fairy Tale Christmas [here]
TV Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Cinema Star Wars VII (brilliant, loved the characters, emanzipated hero, more witty than the previous episodes, I love Poe | brilliant, mochte die Charaktere sehr, emanzipierte Heldin, humorvoller als die vorigen Episoden, ich liebe Poe)
Theater To Be or Not To Be (surprisingly good, decent allusions to current issues) | Sein oder Nicht Sein (überraschend gut, dezente Anspielungen auf aktuelle Probleme)

Best of 2015
Books The Hobbit, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, The Help, Lunar Chronicles, The Lightning Thief, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories
TV Supernatural, Doctor Who, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Cinema Big Eyes, Life, Crimson Peak, Back to the Future, Star Wars VII
Theater Wicked, Nathan the Wise | Nathan der Weise
Exhibitions Female Artists around 1900 | Künstlerinnen um 1900, Tate Modern, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Gaultier
Obsessions Funko, brooches | Broschen, Vendula

(I didn’t include books and movies I read/saw before 2015 in the best of | ich habe keine Bücher und Filme im Best of erwähnt, die ich vor 2015 gelesen/gesehen habe)

Plans for 2016

  • A Level | Abitur
  • getting an apprenticeship place | Ausbildungsplatz suchen
  • opening an etsy shop | etsy shop eröffnen
  • traveling to NYC | nach NYC reisen
  • sewing a historical dress | historisches Kleid nähen
  • learning morse signals | Morsezeichen lernen
  • designing a time table | Zeitplan gestalten
  • shopping aimed (Incis, expenses etc.) | gezielt kaufen (Incis, Ausgaben etc.)
  • learing another langauge | eine Sprache lernen
  • playing Alice Madness Returns | Alice Madness Returns spielen

What did you do last year and what do you plan on doing next year? | Was habt ihr letztes Jahr gemacht und was macht ihr nächstes Jahr?


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