My Favourite Instagram Outfits of 2015

Instead of really reflecting on the year here on the blog, I decided to show you a few of my favourite outfits. I wore these without doing real outfit posts, so you probably don’t know them yet. Therefore I put these together now, so you can have a look at them.

I love this top, which is actually a dress and I think it works fine with a red skirt. It’s also kind of a good hair day!

Then, here’s a makeup and hairdo. It was my first actual poodle do and I enjoyed making it.

I wore this skirt in an outfit post, but with another blouse. I think it works with this one just as well.

This dress – in my opinion – is made for a red accessoires – hair band, belt and brooch (which is one of my faves!).

This one is an all time fav of mine. The red and yellow is so autumnish and the shoes are so lovely.

Going on with yellow. I saw Bernadette (Bid Bang Theory) wear a black skirt with foxes and a yellow cardigan. So, I made my own interpretation of her outfit. And she has such lovely outfits.

This top is actually a dress as well. I did not wear it in ages and finally did a dress to top and dress to skirt combo to wear it again. To me it’s such a fifties cleavage.

This plum lippie is on of my favourites and so one day I went for a flowery outfit with floral tights and hair crown.

Different dress, but quite similar to one of the outfits I showed you before. Again, I just love red details and a red petticoat underneath a black dress is simple yet chic.

This blouse is another one of those pieces of clothing I didn’t wear for a long time and the crosses combined with the slightly creepy cameo seem to match so well.

The black dress used as a skirt is a thing I love to wear and with the white blouse it’s quite formal, but of course this one is a Star Wars outfit. So, white, black, stars and BB8.

Which of your 2015 outfits do you still remember?


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