Fairy Dress and Velvet Pencil Dress

So, today I want to show you two dresses I finished last Sunday and never managed to show you – with Christmas and the last days of school things were somewhat stressful.

Fairy Dress
Fabric: I don’t know (but I got it at Karstadt – well who would have guessed that?)
Pattern: Skirt (five layers), top is vaguely based on Butterick’s B5748
Working on this dress took some time, but it was fun as well and the fabric of the skirt is oh so lovely. I’m not quite sure what to do about the hem, but I’m looking forward to wearing it a lot.

Fairy Dress

Blue Velvet Dress
Fabric: I don’t know (Karstadt)
Pattern: Top is burda young 7012
For my mum’s birthday I decided to give her a voucher for a dress and she wanted a pencil skirt dress. So, we went to look for a fabric and decided on this one. My sewing maschine worked against me sometimes, but it turned out fine I think. And she says it’s really comfortable.

What did you work on recently?


5 thoughts on “Fairy Dress and Velvet Pencil Dress

  1. Ohhhh ♥ ich guck deine Sachen so gerne an, dass steht dir unglaublich gut! Ich möchte mir jetzt für Frühling/Sommer auch wieder neue Kleider nähen. Habe auch eine sau kitschige Idee mit Pullikragen und Satinbändchen mit Glöckchen dass man über dem Kragen zur Schleife bindet *superkitsch* ob ich dass wohl wirklich nähen werde XD


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