Friday Favourites | Advent Edition

Friday Favourites
I didn’t do a Friday Favourites Post in quite a while, the last one was in July when I still had long, dark brown hair. So here we go with an Advent Edition.

Friday Favourites Brooches, Earrings
You all know I really like the brooches the creators from deer arrow make and now I have these two lovelies, the deer (ohh, I love deer) was a gift. And I think they are both just beautiful and have wonderful details. Another beautiful Christmas brooch is the cute Candy Cane my best friend gave me (since she didn’t wear it) and I really love wearing it, it might be Vintage, but I’m not sure. The earrings are probably from claire’s or six, but there are always lovely earrings available during Christmas season.

Friday Favourites Glitter, Lashes
Recently (since I now know how to put them on) I quite like wearing false lashes. It might be a little extravagant or over the top, but it’s also fun and the catrice ones aren’t that obvious – especially since I usually wear glasses. And another eyemakeup favourite of mine is glittery eyeshadow. The combination is so winterish and lovely, I really enjoy it.

Friday Favourites Jumper
You already saw this jumper in my last outfit post – I think it’s just adorable as everything elvish. And it’s also the perfect Christmas movie jumper, since in my opinion all the Christmas elves in the movies do look quite alike.

Friday Favourites Snow Globe
This snow globe isn’t a real one, since there’s no water inside, but I thinks it’s just as lovely – less Christmas-y and more winterish. I really like both snow and birds, so this is a wonderful piece of decoration.

Friday Favourites Washi
You know, I decorate my planer and every once in a while I look for new washi tape, so I found this fir tree one, this set with sweets and my most beloved with winter animals in red and green.

Friday Favourites Tights
Earlier this year I only wore seamed stockings, but now also due to @arianette_b on Instagram I try a few more colours and patterns – calzedonia’s tights are a fantastic quality, but also those glittery one from oroblú are lovely. But the best fit are the white ModCloth ones, so comfy and shaping at the same time.

Friday Favourites Gloves
So, I found these lovely gloves by ystrdy (which probably stands for yesterday, I just realised). They are warm and comfy as well as pretty. The little bow is just so cute. Also, these are finally warm gloves that fit me almost perfectly.

What are your favourite things at the moment?


2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites | Advent Edition

  1. Was für schöne Handschuhe!!!
    Da gibt es vieles! Aber wenn ich momentan auswählen müsste, wären es Kerzen, Duft von Lebkuchen, Zimt und Tannenzweigen, Suppen, Weihnachtsmusik und Die Hard :-) Happy Adventszeit


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