Winter TV Guide

Winter TV Guide
Even though I really enjoy reading, watching series and movies is just a little bit easier sometimes – especially if you had a rough day and just feel like relaxing. So today, I want to share my favourites for winter season and since these are quite a few I try to keep it short.

TV Shows
Winter TV Guide
Waiting for season four (and the Christmas Special) I like to rewatch Sherlock every now and then. It’s about the well-known private detective, but set in the 21st century. And the series is filled with sarcasm and amazing lines and characters. You might already know, that I really like Moriarty – this crimnal mastermind smugness but charming and charismatic thing is so interesting to me. Also, Irene Adler is amazing. But especially the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson and the jokes are quite funny. Also the cases are so fascinating and it’s interesting how they interpreted Doyle’s stories. If you don’t watch Sherlock yet, just do it now and get hooked.

Once upon a time
ONCE is all about fairytales and the people in them. In the first series the characters are cast to our world, but they forgot who they were. Since I really like fairytales, I wanted to watch ONCE and I really liked it. Due to various characters I like it less now, it doesn’t fascinate me as much anymore, but it still is a good series. Especially the twist on the stories – like Rumplestilskin’s and the way charcaters aren’t only one person, but are important for a few fairy tales. Also I really like Mary Margaret, she’s so beautiful and kind and was main inspiration to cut my hair short. I’m excited to see what happens in season four, and I think it’s a wonderful, perfect winter series.

Of course, if you have a lot of time, I’d recommend following Sam and Dean hunting monsters on Supernatural.

Winter TV Guide
Sissi with Romy Schneider is a typical Christmas time movie and I literally watch it whenever it’s on air (even though I finally own the DVDs). The movies are based on the life of Elisabeth the Second of Austria, but are more of a Disney kitsch romance that has nothing but the names in common with Elisabeth’s real life. I don’t mind, though, because I just watch the movies for the happy-romantic feeling that I only really enjoy in Austrian/Bavarian 50s movies that are set in the 1850s. I don’t know why, but this extreme amount of kitsch kind of gets me even though I don’t really like romantic movies. Anyway, the Sissi-trilogy is full of beautiful dresses (I wish that was my closet) and cute romance (and drama) and it’s perfect for winter afternoon.

Hoch klingt der Radetzky-Marsch
This one is another Austrian 50s do 1850s favourite movie of mine. It has a lot of pretty dresses and catchy songs and a quite romantic storyline. But also, for a fifties movie there’s quite a bit empowerment – the parlour maids revolt against a mock song written about them and the main female character (Franzi) does her own thing – and tells men (and women) just what she thinks. Of course, there’s a lot of romance as well, but it’s cute and not that sappy.

Tři oříšky pro Popelku | Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
There are quite a few fairy tale retellings of the 70s produced in the eastern bloc and to be honest they are quite good. I prefer it a lot over the Disney Cinderella and any other Cinderella retelling I saw so far, because Popelku/Aschenbrödel is cute and interesting character, not only dancing with the prince, but also hunting plue there’s hazelnut-magic. It’s adorable. Unfortunatly I never learnt Czech, even though my grandma’s family lived there.

Christmas Vacation | Schöne Bescherung
So, my favourite real Christmas movie (even though I like a lot of them, e.g. Miracle on 34th Street, Gremlins and How the Grinch Stole Christmas), is Christmas Vacation. This movie is all I want in a comedy (I’m more of an eighties comedies type, I don’t like the ones that came out in the last couple years), it’s just fantastic. The family (the son is Leonard from Big Bang Theory by the way) is crazy and it’s all very weird, but it’s kind of what I would consider the best Christmas ever – except the cat, that’s pretty sad. So, I watch the movie about a hunderth times in advent and so should you. (;

Winter TV Guide
Alice in Wonderland (2010) | Alice im Wunderland (2010)
Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors and since I’m obsessing about Alice, it’s a perfect match for me. The madness and weirdness of this movie is on a very high level, but so is the power of Alice – gosh, I love Mia Wasikowska. Alice herself is such a powerful girl in this adaptation and even though I’m not that much of a Johnny Depp fan (he’s a good actor though), he’s the perfect Mad Hatter – and don’t get my started about Helena Bonham Carter. But besides the actore themselves, most everything about this movie is mad in a great way. The animations are fantastic and the twists and turns on the original Alice – I love it and I’m so excited for the new Alice movie in 2016.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec | Adèle und das Geheimnis des Pharaos
Adèle is one of my favourite female movie characters of all time. She’s so independent and her level of sarcasm is way up. And I love that. The story itself is on a smiliar base of weirdness as Tim Burton’s Alice, but it’s more chilled. So, it’s a fantastic French movie set in the 1910s. Adèle is trying to wake her sister from her coma and for this she needs the personal healer of Pharao Ramses II. And to wake him she needs her friend Professor Esperandieu who unfortunately woke a Pterodaktylus. Seems pretty strange? It is and it is just as amazing – you know, French movies. Also, I really want to read the comics now.

Mirror Mirror | Spieglein Spieglein
Lily Collins to me is the perfect cast for Snow White – she’s beautiful, but not in the typical way. Also, the Snow White in this version is very brave and perky, so I really love her. But Julia Roberts as the Queen/Stepmother is just as great. The movie is fantastic and just mocking the original and fairy tales in general in a wonderful way. It has a strong female protagonist, funny scenes, good, intense, yet not too brutal action scenes and nice twists on the original story – that’s what I’m looking for in a fairy tale retelling.

I’ve read so many stories where the prince saves the princess. It’s time we changed that ending.
– Snow (Mirror Mirror)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge
I also really like the old Disney Snow White. It’s beautiful and lovely. I think we all know the story of the beautiful girl being envied by her grandma and as the hunter can’t bring himself to kill her, Snow eventually starts living with the dwarfs – who are definitely the best characters of the movie. I really like fairy tales and this one is just wonderful for winter.

What do you watch during the cold season?
Also, sidenote: it started snowing where I live yesterday evening! Yay.


4 thoughts on “Winter TV Guide

  1. Schon viele Jahre nicht mehr gesehen, aber Sissi liebe ich auch total. :) Ich guck ja super wenig fern, aber wenn dann mag ich im Winter auch besonders gerne Märchen und Michel aus Lönneberga, bzw. generell Astrid Lindgren Verfilmungen wie Polly hilft der Großmutter oder Allerliebste Schwester (2 meiner Favoriten aus Kindheitstagen^^). Leider kann ich meinen Mann mit so was nicht locken. ;)


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