Bookworm | September & October

September was the month I didn’t read a lot, October wasn’t any better. But I wnet to the cinema three time in two months – so yeah me for leaving the house more often and managing to watch new movies. This might be the last Bookworm post for a while, because I think about posting reviews for movies aand books more random (or mention them in Friday Favourites). As always – we will see.


As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust – Alan Bradley
First book I read was the seventh of the Flavia de Luce novels and as the ones before I loved it. In this book Flavia goes to a school in Canada and obviously finds another corpse. Now, besides going to school, learing about chemistry and the girls in the school, she also has to solve the case.
As always it was hilarious as always and I just love Bradley’s/Flavia’s sarcasm. I marked so many pages with Flavia’s witty comments and her cheeky replies. She’s so confident and indepentent for a 50s girl, plus her interests are amazing. The case itself is quite exciting, but as with the last book, it isn’t the main topic of the book. The other character’s are well described and also very unique and interesting, especially Flave’s chemistry teacher. Besides the fact, that the crime story is not as strong, I love the ending and look forward to book eight. It’s just worth reading for the sarcasm alone.

Life – Anton Corbijn
My best friend and I went to see Life by the end of September. And if you know me, you know I’m “mildly” obsessed with James Dean. I love his acting, his movies, his looks and find him a quite interesting person. I think he’s actually my favourite actor. And I just love the photographs Dennis Stock took. This biopic is about the two of the meeting and how the photos came to be and it is amazing. It’s the second biopic I saw in theaters and the second I saw in OV (and I’m so glad I did). I grew to like Robert Pattinson after Twilight, but Dane DeHaan is just amazing. He does a wonderful job portaying James Dean – he has this very interesting face and the way he talks is brilliant. Even though he doesn’t really look like James Dean, he has (t)his aura. The tension between the actor and the photographer are so well played and you get very close to the characters. The biopic, itself, is very well done – it’s two hours but doesn’t feel like it. It does not burn from action, but it’s sensible and touching. I hope you get to see the movie.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) – Rick Riordan
Then, I read Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, which I finished in October as well. I think it’s actually written for 11-14 year olds, but I read it nevertheless. Always having trouble in school due to what is said to be ADHD Percy discovers he is not just an ordinary boy, but a half god. And everyone thinks he’s the one who stole the Zeus’ lightning bolt.
I love Greek mythology, so of course I enjoyed the story and the background. It’s quite interesting and features great characters. I really like Percy who is funny and witty – and actually quite brave. Annabeth is very amazing as well, intelligent, sassy. And Grover is just adorable. But my favourite is Ares, is somewhat similar to Gabriel (from Supernatural), sassy, wicked and even though he’s kind of mean, he is charming. Anyway, I took me some time to get into the book, bu then I read it within a few hours/days. Riordan’s style of writing is amazing, the book is so funny and sarcastic. The stroy itself is well thought and written, and the twists on Greek mythology is so creative and makes me want to read more about the antique again. I’m quite excited to contine this series and really recommend it, if you are looking for a sarcastic view on the Greek gods.

Bossypants – Tina Fey
You may or may not know that I’m into 30 Rock and Tina Fey a lot, so of course I wanted to read her book. Randomly I started reading the book the same day my kate gabrielle Liz Lemon brooch arrived. So, that’s a sign, am I right? I always use post it’s to mark good parts in books and I used up so many reading this – I think that alone says a lot about the book.
So, if you like Tina Fey’s movies/series, I think you will enjoy this book. And even if you don’t really know Tina Fey, it’s really worth reading. I had a lot of fun reading this book, it’s hilarious and you fly through it. Her writing style is amazing – it’s witty, ironic and quite relateble, since she talks a lot about herself (obviously in memoirs). And really, she expierenced a lot of crazy stuff plus there are a few photos. I would have liked a chapter about the movies Fey made or a bit more about Liz Lemon and her. Nevertheless it’s an amazingly written comedy. If you want a fun and slightly feminist book, read it. I really like that Tina Fey expresses her opinion without making other opinions bad. She really is funny and one of my favourite comedians. I will read the book again, of that I’m sure, because it was hilarious, feminist and a very enjoyable read.

Crimson Peak – Guillermo del Toro
I really loved the movie – a friend of mine wanted to see this movie since watching the first trailer a few months back and so we went to see the movie. It’s a romantic, gothic horror set at the turn of the century and these are a few of my favourite things, so the circumstances alone were perfect.
Personally, I really like both Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddelstone and I loved that there were only three actors actually (there are a few more earlier/inbetween, but mainly), I think it’s better with movies this way. You know, if it’s a movie withough sequel I think the more characters the more complicated it gets. Anyway, the actors are amazing and the chemistry between Tom and Mia is so intense, it’s just perfect. The first half of the movie was more of the scary part due to ghost (that looked gruesome yet great), the second halt was much more psycologically scary, which is actually my favourite, even though it’s more horrifying in my opinion. In either part I never felt bored, even though it was long (about two hours I guess), I never wondered how long the movie still was (and usually I do after some time). The colours were terrific and I loved the way the movie was visually, the only downside was (to me, my friends didn’t even notice) the cut with this black screen that closes into a circle – they did this a lot in old Donald movies – and they cut a lot of scenes this way. But that’s only a minor downside to a beautiful movie. The fashion of the turn of the century is a favourite of mine and I love the cameos and silhouettes. Both, men and women looked wonderful – talking about the people in the beginning, there was Bobby from Supernatural who I almost missed to recognise. Later on the movie gets a little sad, and I prefer this kind of horror movies (The Woman in Black), because they stay with you.
If you like beautiful eerie and horror like I do, I really recommend this amazing movie with fabulous actors.

Back to the Future – Robert Zemeckis
I’m so glad I was able to watch Back to the Future on the day, because I’m slightly obsessed with Back to the Future. I talk about the movie here.

Schönbär und Nonne – Armin Dett
I only want to recommend this book, so no real review. It’s full of photos of moths and texts about them and since they fascinate me a lot, of course I like this book. Tomorrow I’ll post a few pictures of butterflies and moths I took last weekend (when I got this book).

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor
I go to know this book through a YouTuber, I think Katytastic, and bought it a few weeks ago, but only read it last week. BUT it only took me four days, so that’s a plus. I can’t really summarise the book, so I recommend reading the blurb or looking it up online. Basically, it’s about a girl living in Prag running errands for some sort of human-animal-mix (like Pan and those mythic creatures) and then something terrible happens changing her live. You know, typical fantasy YA.
The book is so wonderfully written (if I was a person who made exclamtion marks, I would here), it’s also a little witty, but not too much. It’s rather magical and intense – especially in the first half of the book you really feel Prague and I love the reoccuring places, because they are so detailed and beautiful. (Also I want to go to Prague now.) But not only the cities, also Karou is described wonderfully and it’s finally a protagonist who is pretty and knows it (I’m sorry, but I can’t stand this cliché ugly duckling who is – randomly – loved by the hottest guy on earth and actually not as ugly as everybody thought. And actually, there aren’t a lot of ugly people, just people with an outward appearance that is attractive to more or less people). Also Karou is a creative person (I love the touch with the art school), has fantastic tattoos and colourful hair, so that alone makes me her different from other characters in YA. And her best friend Zuzana is amazing, someho I really enjoy her negative attitude, because it’s so sassy. There are a lot of winter vibes in this book and since I love winter, that’s just perfect. I think the first half is a perfect winter read. Still, I really didn’t like the romance, I kind of liked it in the beginning, but it got annoying and just cheesy in my opinion. Then again, I don’t really like romance, but it really was predictable and I didn’t consider the plot twist as stunning. Also, this Madrigal character, was dreadful to me, she’s this perfect, good charcater without flaw (and to emphasise that her “sister” who’s discribed as a nice person at first, turns out to be the evil stepsister-character). I just don’t like good characters without any bad trait, that’s not realistic. Also, she’s kind of dull. Then the ending, it was quite tragic (well, it’s the firt book of a trilogy), but due to Mad and the romance, I don’t think I’ll continue this series even though I loved the first half for it’s wonderful words to describe Prague.

What did you read – or watch – recently? And what movies are you excited for (Spectre and Star Wars VII for me please)?


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