Why I love Back to the Future.

Back to the Future
I first really watched Back to the Future one Christmas Eve (it now is kind of a tradition for me). They showed the whole series in a row ’til the evening. And I was hooked just then. I loved the idea – I’ve always wanted to travel in time, and why not do it with some style, as Doc Brown likes to say. Oh, isn’t the DeLorean the most wonderful car (besides a few Chevys from the 60s and 50s Cadillacs)? I’m not one for driving, but I like pretty cars nevertheless. Also, I have a little crush on Marty aka the young Michael J. Fox, and, as I do with Doris Day, I’m also looking forward to get all of his movies. Marty himself is such an adorable, maybe slightly naive character, but I can really identify with him and his reactions.
Back to the Future
Also, I love his clothing, those braces/suspenders are amazing and check shirts are always great. Doc Brown, obviously, is one of the most amazing characters in every movie ever, he’s witty, somewhat crazy and over all just the perfect inventor. Being the lady version of him when I’m old would be a dream come true. And both, Lorraine and Jennifer are so beautiful. Lorraine’s dresses are the most. My outfit today is inspired by the plaid dress she wears in the beginning, it’s lavender with a peter pan collar (that is actually much bigger – and the dress is of course plaid).
The fifties are one of my favourite decades and choosing this as a first destionation is wonderful. Also, Marty’s confusion and problems in the past are – besides hilarious – so relateable (obviously most things wouldn’t happen to a regular person, but you know, what I mean). I also love the adventures in the future and the idea of the future. Hover boards for the win.
The first two (I’m not that much into Western movies) are in my opinion movies you can watch all over again and any time. They connect scifi and period costume which is the perfect mix for me.
I hope you enjoy OCT 21 2015 and watch the movies. ♥
Back to the Future


6 thoughts on “Why I love Back to the Future.

  1. Oh wow, that dress is a dream! I had a similar one I. A dusty pink but I have it to a friend because I was not happy with the fit. Sometime I think I still have it and try to find it. I also love these movies. They are so fun!


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