diy – Bellshaped Skirt

diy Bellshaped Skirt
Die deutsche Version zu diesem Post ist bei Irma zu lesen.
Today I’m going to show you how to make your own belllshaped skirt, as the umbrella one is. This one was made the past weekend. It’s a great way to make a skirt with a print that needs to face a certain direction or that is only 1.15 meters wide.


  • fabric (measurements below)
  • yarn, sewing machine
  • zipper (approx. 25 cm)
  • waistband (width of your choice)
  • Scissors, pins, measuring tape etc.

Bellshaped Skirt

Let’s start with the cutting (1). Therefore you needto find out how long you with the skirt to be, so measure from the waist to (in my case) about the knees, of course the skirt can be shorter or longer. Add about 2 cms sewing allowance above and below, in my case that’s 60 cms. Now, cut panels, I think 3 panels à 1.15*0.60 m are big enough to get a pretty wide skirt. To make the waistband, put the waistband itself (length of your waist) on the fabric and add about 2 cms sewing allowance above and below, and 1.5 cms on the left and right side.
Now, place the panels next to each other and sew them together (3), but (when closing the “circle”) leave about 25 cms on the upper side open to add the zipper later on. Turn the fabric over twice, each time 1 cm, and seam the skirt (4). I’d recommend flipping the panels to opposite sides, where they meet, before seaming the skirt.

Bellshaped Skirt

Then, adding the waistband, iron the waistband to the fabric and fold it. Now place the waistband (print facing the wrong way, and the open side up) and pin it where the zipper is supposed to be (5). Now pin the center front of the waistband to the center front of the skirt. Then (and you have to repeat that a lot) pin the center betweeen to pins on the centerbetween to pins on the skirt (e.g. center front and zipper pin) by folding kind of omega-ish (Ω) foldings (about 1.5 cms wide) (6). After everything’s pinned, you can stitch the waistband to the skirt with about 2 cms distance (7) and neaten it with a zigzag stitch.

Bellshaped Skirt

Now, the zipper, put the zipper upside down (zip slider facing downside) on the printed side of the fabric and stitch along the outer side (8), do the same thing on the other side (though that’s a little more difficult).

Bellshaped Skirt

That’s it! I hope the tutorial was understandable. If there are ay questions left, you can ask me of course and I’ll try to explain everything.


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