V is for Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls
Today I’m sharing the way I do (did) Victory Rolls. Once you’ve figured out how to do it, the rolling is quite easy. Until then, not so much. In this case I roll without fringe, but if you have one, just separate it out and start behind. Looks cute anyway.

My recommendations:

  • Hair length: it works with hair shorter than shoulder length and with relativly long her, but I think about collarbone length is the easiest
  • Hair structure: straight or slightls wavy (curls can work, but it’s more difficult)
  • Tools: Brush, Teasing comb, hairpins, hairspray

Victory Rolls
After brushing out your hair, you decide were your rolls will be and part your hair. I like both, middle and side (or only one side), but this time I decided on a middle part.
Then grab your hair from behind your ear up to about 3 cm before the crown. Next, tease your hair from behind and above, only slightly – if you don’t want to tease your hair, that’s fine. Still, I recommend it, to get a better grip and hold on your hair. The front side should stay smooth, so smooth it once in a while during the process.

Victory Rolls
And we are ready for rolling. I wrap my hair tips around two of my fingers, then roll it towards my head, pulling the fingers out and rolling it with that hand. I prefer using my right hand to roll, so left side rolls are easier for me. But you’ll get used to rolling. (;
Decide where you want your roll to sit, I like it close to my part, but without touching the other roll. Of course you can move them higher up or closer together. The next step, is to pin the hair. I usually put about two to three pins in the hole to secure everything. When everything’s tight – that’s enough, but don’t worry about pinning from the back or using a whole bunch of pins. You’ll need less and less each time.

Victory Rolls
Now, do the same on the other side.

Victory Rolls
Spray it with hairspray (use A LOT) and off you go.
Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls
If you feel like getting the rest of your hair out of the way, just take it, twist it and pin it to the back. Makes an elegant updo.

That’s it for today, I hope you liked it. As always, if there are questions I left, just ask me. (:

Die deutsche Übersetztung kommt sobald wie möglich. Ich habe nur immer noch ein wenig Stress zur Zeit.
Victory Rolls

6 thoughts on “V is for Victory Rolls

  1. Hach so schön *seufz* ich mache Frisuren so gerne aber gerade habe ich wieder so fiesen Haarausfall dass das nicht geht. Stecke mein Haar gerade meist locker wuschig zusammen, dass es nicht auffällt XD Dein Tutorial wird probiert sobald es wieder geht :) Danke für das Tutorial und du siehst entzückend aus :-*


  2. Ach ich mag solche Tutorials wie du weißt. :) Ich trag zwar fast immer nur nen “normalen” Zopf, aber es fasziniert mich immer wieder, was andere Leute mit ihren Haaren anstellen. Steht (stand) dir gut. :)


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