Beehive Tutorial & some Tips for Teasing

Before I cut my hair, I did two tutorials, I will upload within the next weeks. I hope you can work with them as I try to write them as easy to understand as possible. Nevertheless, you can of course ask me if anything causes you troubles. Beehives were (and are still on other people) one of my favourite hairstyle. You can cover up dirty hair quite well and – if you want to – recycle them into the next day by using a scarf overnight and fluffing it up in the morning. Works perfectly.

My recommendations:

  • Hair length: slightly above shoulder length to bra-clasp length
  • Hair structure: straight or slightls wavy
  • Tools: Brush, Teasing comb, small hair-combs, hairpins, a clip, hairspray (the real one and the movie as well ;)), optional: curling iron

Beehive Tutorial
First things first, brush your hair and do it good. Former tease in your hair doesn’t really help to get a smooth and big beehive.

Beehive Tutorial
Next, that’s optional, but I prefer having a few strands of hair framing my face, section off a few strands, if you have a fringe, that’s great as well. I use a clip or hair tie to have them out of my way, because they won’t be teased while the rest of the hair will be. I then use two small combs (bobby pins work as well) to pin up the hair on the back of my head, about six or seven cm up from my neck.

Beehive Tutorial
Now the fun part comes to play, teasing the hell out of your hair. Over the time of teasing my hair, I collected a few tips to get a good and long-lasting tease. The tighter you want your tease, the nearer to the crown you have to start. So for a big tease we’re looking for, we start several cms (10 or so) above the crown and push the hair with a comb (or brush, I change it during the process) towards the head. And since we want one smooth beehive, we are going to take all the hairs and tease them all together instead of teasing individual strands. If your hair doesn’t hold the tease at all, you can spray it with hairspray every now and then and then blow dry it against the direction in which it will stay later on. Now, with this messy, teased hair that is all around your face we can go on. Don’t panic, we really can.

Beehive Tutorial
Take a brush without those little knobbles and gently brush your hair back. With your fingers you can smooth the hair back as well. If your just looking for big hair like Lana del Ray, Amy Whinehouse, Doris Day or Brigitte Bardot, you don’t need to pin (but you could curl the ends pointing outwards). If you want a beehive, pin the hair on the back of your head.

Beehive Tutorial
With the hair that is left on the backside of your head you can do a French twist and pin that just as well. If need, you can fluff the top part up a little bit and smooth everything out.

Beehive Tutorial
For the fringe, I usually do about 1/3 on one and 2/3 on the other side, tease it a little at the roots and then pin them to the sides of my face. If it is to much hair, you can simply pin some to the back as well. I like to curl those strands, because it looks cuter, but you can go on however you like.

Beehive Tutorial
Spray it, add a bow or a flower and you’re done.

Beehive Tutorial

I hope you could understand the tutorial. If something is not clear yet, don’t be afraid to ask me. And I decided to post about every four days, I think I’ll manage that, but we’ll see. (;


6 thoughts on “Beehive Tutorial & some Tips for Teasing

  1. Ich denke, dass will sogar ich mal ausprobieren, will eigentlich eh meine Haare wieder kürzer schneiden, aber auch mal lang haben und Haare an Organisationen für Krebskranke Menschen Spenden… Tolle Frisur mal wieder, du hast da echt Talent für deinen Style und bist eh total professionell… Wäre auch immer mal wieder gerne so wie du Haha ^^ ❤️


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