Mail Day #2 | ModCloth, Collectif…

Some of you might know that I’ve been to Berlin for the past couple days and therefore could not react to any comments etc. I’ll try to do this tomorrow and as fast as possible. Today I wanted to show you what arrived on Wednesday and Thursday before I went to Berlin (and one thing that arrived while I was there). I’ll write a little bit about everything I recieved and already wore and about the shipping.

ModCloth Order
The first thing to “arrive” was my ModCloth order. I was very excited about this order, once for the stuff, but also because I wanted to order from ModCloth over a year ago, but the shipping rates were really high. Now it was fine, about 10 $ for 100 $ worth of shopping, but I had to fetch it at customs and pay 20 % of the whole order. They said it was due to the bill not being on the package, though it actually was. And it arrived a little bit later than it should have, but there was a post strike in Germany, I can’t blame ModCloth here.

ModCloth Bait Ione
ModCloth Bait Ione
I wanted BAIT Ione heels for quite some time, these only have a 2 cm heel, which is amazing. I love kittenheels, though I always have to get used to this height. I feel in love with the ones in light pink, they’re called Care to Dance? Heel in Bubblegum on ModCloth. They are wonderful and super pretty and (after breaking them in) quite comfy, even though my feet are rather wide (though very small). But, the downside is the fake patent leather isn’t as high quality as I expected it to be. It crinkles and peels off a little bit and therefore I’m a little bit afraid of wearing them. But I might write a longer review any time soon.

ModCloth Tights, Bee Collar Pin, Bee Pin
I’m very fond of insects and birds as prints and jewellery, so I really wanted the Bee Prepared Hair Pin Set, when I saw it on the site. It’s so pretty, as is the Bee Prepared Collar Pin, which is matching perfectly. The Layer It On Tights in Ivory I bought for two reasons. One: I wanted white tights and two: I want them for my Alice dress I still need to buy fabric.

Irma Package
Irma from Irma’s Lackwiese sent me a package for I sent her one with Nail Polishes. We decided on sending each other “old stuff” aka things we don’t really use this very moment and therefore both of us included things that were tested on animals as we bought them before paying attention to this problem. I’m really looking forward to trying these things (Swatches are below), especially the p2 Meet Me in Venice Majestic Duo Eyeliner in 010 venetian love (LE) as this Eyeliner has two colours (brown and light violet). I’m really excited to try this one. Then, of course, I’m always glad to buy/receive red lip colours, as the catrice Nomadic Traces Matt Lip Colour in C01 Nomaddicted To Red (LE). And, Irma sent me the essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara which I thought about buying some time ago and now I don’t have to, so yeah. Thank you Irma, for these wonderful things, I’ll try them all and also really enjoy the smell of the shower gel and the cute little hairband with the butterfly attached to it.

Irma Package Swatches

LP City Color Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in 02 Cosmic Brown | Misslyn -lipstick in 131 | p2 Meet Me in Venice Majestic Duo Eyeliner in 010 venetian love (LE) | Dr. Hauschka Tester in 03 | catrice Nomadic Traces Matt Lip Colour in C01 Nomaddicted To Red (LE)

Collectif Order
My Mum and I decided to order at Collectif and it was great, the things she ordered suit her just perfectly and everything arrived so quickly. We placed the order very late Friday (the 17th) and the package arrived on Thursday (the 23rd) and I think that’s amazing.
Collectif Sunjellies Bag Alice
I saw this Sunjellies Alice Bag in Pink and fall in love with it, I think ModernJuneCleaver showed it before. It’s just so light and pretty and overall very handy, especially since I love bags that don’t have more than two compartments.
Collectif Pamela Mann Stockings
Then I saw the Pamela Mann Designer Legwear Seamed Stocking in Natural/Black and I actually never owned seamed stockings, only tights and I am therefore very excited to wear them for the first time (with a suspender belt), because they match my skin colour extremly good.

Boden Order
Then, when I was in Berlin, an order from Boden arrived. I wanted a breton shirt for quite some time and was looking for one. Since my mum often orders at Boden, I chose the Short Sleeve Breton in Ivory/Navy (IVO) and the fabric is so soft, though I wished it to be a little smaller/tighter, for that’s better for my skirts, but anyway, I really like it.
Boden Shirt

How do you like the things I ordered? And what did you order within the last days or weeks?


2 thoughts on “Mail Day #2 | ModCloth, Collectif…

  1. Die Schuhe sind echt super süß, die würd ich mir auch sofort kaufen! Die Tasche ist dagegen gar nicht mein Fall, muss ich gestehen. Sie erinnert mich doch zu sehr an Plastikkörbchen für Kinder oder in manchen Läden. Zumal ich auch Fan von mehreren Fächern bin, mal abgesehen davon, dass bei Regen alles in der Tasche pitschnass wird und jeder Lippernstift seitlich rausfallen würde.. Oder? Wirklich praktisch ist die Tasche nicht…? :D
    Und es freut mich natürlich sehr, dass du zumindest mit ein paar Sachen von mir was anfangen kannst und v.a. mein ehemals so geliebter Haarreif in guten Händen ist. :) Wie du den p2 Kajal dann tatsächlich findest, musst du mir mal schreiben. :)
    Liebe Grüße!


    • Ja, ich hatte die sicher ein halbes Jahr im Auge…
      Ja, da hast du recht für unser normales Wetter hier ist sie gar nichts, weil alles nass werden würde, im Sommer geht das aber super. :D Und mir ist noch kein Lippi verloren gegangen. (;
      Ja, ich denke schon, das ich mit einigem was anfangen kann und es tragen werde, auch wenn manche dunkle Farben wohl mehr zu besondere Anlässe bzw. im Winter zur Verwendung kommen, aber ich werde die Sachen sicher mal wieder auf dem Blog erwähnen und ohnehin im Alltag tragen.
      Liebe Grüße (:

      Liked by 1 person

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