Chuck Charles Inspired Hair & Makeup | Pushing Daisies

Chuck Charles inspired Hair and Makeup

Chuck’s Makeup is rather light, though her eye makeup sometimes is quite heavy. She sometimes even wears flase lashes, but I don’t use them for I’m failing at adding them to my lids. Chuck wears a lot of highlighter (and near to no powder), so she’s somewhere between glowy and shiny.
Her makeup is hugely inspired by the old 50s glamour as her clothing is. I think it’s very pretty, not to much over the top (especially for a series character), but very pretty and neat.
Of course, I’m (obviously) not a makeup artist, but I tried to explain it as good as possible. And I’m really sorry you cannot recognise everything for I sometimes went out of focus/my camera doesn’t catch it as good.


I primed my face with Sunscreen Cream, Concealer and Eyeshadow Base. Then I added a little bit of Contouring Powder underneath my cheek bone, but only a little of a brownish tone.


Then I put a pinkish red blush on my cheeks. You can over do it (I actually did, but my camera doesn’t really catch it) for Chuck’s cheeks are often very red and that makes her look very alive (again). Normally I would use powder, but Chuck’s face is – as I said before – very glowy to shiny. Her eyebrows are rather thin and straight to about two thirds, but then there’s an edge (very 50s inspired again). So I only filled in my brows very lightly. Then I curl my lashes (I do this before applying eye makeup.


Chuck’s eyes are very big and bright, so I started by applying light brown eyeshadow (it’s the third colour of the catrice Nude Palette) all over the lid and then add a darker brown (sixth colour of the catrice Nude Palette) to the outer crease and outer lid in kind of a light triangle shape and on the lower lashline. Next I put Highlighter on the inner corner of my eye, under my eyebrow and over my eyebrow (first from the edge on, second not quite up to the edge, first of the catrice Nude Palette) and on the cheeks. My camera does not catch it as good, but I did apply a lot of highlighter as Chuck does.
Her Eyeliner isn’t as black or intense as mine usually is, so I used a dark grey (nearly black) eyeshadow (sixth colour of the catrice matte palette) and drew a line on the upper lashes and added a little wing. If I’d be able to, I’d add false lashes. But as I can’t I added a lot of mascara.


Chuck’s lips are mainly coloured in a light pink, and very sher and shiny. She wears red lips occasionaly, shiny as well. So I chose a sheer pink lipstick (catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 210 Pinkadilly Circus) and applied it a bit over my lip. Her lips are quite full and she overdraws them a lot as well.


For the hair, start with waves or curls. If your hair is long, you can actually leave it like this, as Chuck wears her hair like this a lot. But my hair is quite short, so I do the bouffant style. It would be better if my roots weren’t as wavy, but it works as well. If you have a fringe, seperate it. As I don’t have a real fringe, I just took my former fringe and styled them as a side-swept fringe, but Chucks does sometimes wear a pompadour as well. Then take your hair like a triangle, from the sides to the back. Then tease this section.


Now put the hair to the back of your head, push the hair up a little and pin it with some bobby pins. You could add the waves/curls here as well, but I work on two day old curls (from a wet set) and I prefer it this way. Then spray it with hairspray and your finished. I hope you liked this little tutorial. And please tell me, whose style (in a tv series or movie) do you love?



6 thoughts on “Chuck Charles Inspired Hair & Makeup | Pushing Daisies

  1. Very nice!!! It’s totally your hairstyle:) I think you look like a doll in style you wear with such flirty hairstyle!:)
    p.s. Do you like that Balea hairspray? I think it’s not good at all:/ May be something wrong with mine when I got it.. I don’t even know.


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