Minnie Mouse Skirt, Cherry Dress and Paisley Skirt

Okay, last week was super productive. Obviously I spend every minute I had on sewing, for I actually did nove have that much time, but the week was quite busy.

Cloth: no name printed (bought at Karstadt München) | Tutorial: Link
I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a red polka dot skirt. Actually, I considered it “too typical”, but I went for it anyway. And since I thought a white waist band matched this skirt perfectly. This skirt was made Monday and Tuesday and I used my all time favourite pattern, the easy Swing Skirt (link above) I sew a lot. Red, in my opinion, is a wonderful colour – nevertheless I’d never thought I’d wear this much red. It really is one of my most worn colours, because a lot of my skirts and dresses feature this colour. But I think, that’s a rockabilly thing, for most people my age mainly wear black.

Cloth: no name printed (bought at Augsburger Restehaus)
A friend of mine celebrated her birthday and since her pencil case was broken, I decided on seing a new one for her with this beautiful cherry cloth. On Thursday I made his and I actually made it a lot like those pocket tissue holders, adding a zipper.

Cloth: no name printed (bought at Augsburger Restehaus); Link for skirt-tutorial (without waistband); Top-Pattern: Butterick B5748 (Retro Butterick ’60)
So, I love this Butterick Pattern and this is the second dress I made with it (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and I think the belt matches it perfectly. This cloth is from Augsburg, too and I love these cherries, I think cherries look even prettier on white and now I want a cherry-clip for my hair even more (I only own a strawberry). And isn’t this dress summer-y? You know, I don’t like summer for the weather (I prefer winter), but you can go out without thights and jacket, so that’s a plus.

Cloth (says): Baby Boom (bought at Augsburger Restehaus) | Tutorial: Link
It seems like I use prints, I never wanted to, because I’m actually not that fond of Paisley either. But I just love this one. This light blue is just pretty and the Paisley isn’t that typical. After seeing a picture on ModCloth I decided I needed a light pink sation ribbon for this cloth and therefore this can be used as a belt. This skirt was made on sunday, by the way.

What did you sew recently? And what are your plans?


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